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MG TD TF 1500 - original owner looking for ebay buyer

Looking to make contact with ebay buyer of MGTD11547!
Contact Greg Cenzer at his email any time!
Been a bad Summer,lost my oxygen,lost my MGTD11547, and lost my Grimm.
Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

Hang in there Greg.
V.W. Piña

Greg, I swear, the next time I'm in Detroit, I'm lookin' you up.

Dave Braun

Dave, you are welcome to stop by any time your in the area. I'm in the phone book and also listed on the internet phone directories including maps. This whole deal with this person from Regina Saskatchewan has been a total disaster to ME. However I try to stay focused on the Chinese Proverb "He who is attached to material things will suffer great loss". I notice nobody shows their email link any more so I guess I will do the same. I still have about 50+ Doepke MGT's models some restored and most unrestored but all with original parts as the repro parts are JUNK JUNK JUNK!
Since I can't sand, paint, blast, I can't really restore them any more but haven't decided what to do with them yet. I have some that I have restored and added details like windscreens, wipers & motors,interior trim, wood steering wheels, custom dash graphics, door handles, hinges (non working), etc. Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

What do they look like are they TD's. Email is no problem or me.
V.W. Piña

I think it's great that you are so willing to step up and try to help the new owner of 11547. My PO had a "problem" with the broker that I got my TF from and as a result he refused to have contact with me. I never got a lot of the "promised documentation & history". I do hope your TD has found it's way to a good home as I know how much that means to you. Keep us posted as we would all like to hear a happy ending to your saga.

BTW ...I think a lot of us stopped leaving our emails as a "hotlink" because of the junk email we would get from "Nigerian Bank Scammers" when we posted here! I know that is why I quit leaving mine.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Hey Greg,

The buyer of your TD was 'meed15d2d'. I noticed that he bought from 8 other sellers and all gave him good references.

... sounds like a reasonable person - surly he (meed15d2d) will share this information with you - yes?

I can only presume he has flipped it, but I just can't understand protecting this info.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

The problem I had with the ebay listing was that the seller listed an "actual mileage" figure and the MI Title states "actual mileage unknown". Also the seller was using some of my pics from my garage. Also the seller did not properly describe the condition of the vehicle. Also I had given the seller at least $5000 in spare parts, tools, manuals, 40+yrs of MG Brit Car)stuff, over 25 clear plastic shoe boxes full. The listing made no mention of spares. I tried to email the high bidder at the time but ebay blocked that. I then emailed ebay security and told them a few things that I thought were violations but all they do is email back saying they will investigate.
I guess it's just water over the dam now.
Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

I also just noticed that ebay has a new policy whereas they will not show user id for bidders but list bidder's as bidder1, bidder2, etc. This is probably a good thing actually. I did click on 'meed15d2d' when he was the high bidder and I noticed in looking at his recent purchases he had turned down by mutual agreement an MGTD that I thought looked like it was in better condition than MGTD11547. That is when I then tried to email him about the condition of MGTD11547.
Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

V.W. Piña, New York, USA,
What do they look like are they TD's. Email is no problem or me

V.W. if you go to
you will see some pics of what they look like. These are very large models about 15 inckes long. Some of the ones in the show case have had details added like windscreens,wipers & motors,door handles, door trim panels, stone guards on headlites, wire mesh grill guards, wood steering wheels, etc. The big bunch on the table are unrestored body/chassis and some empty bodies for which I have chassis. I also have a goodly amount of bumpers, strg.whls.,grill/headlites, tonneaus,bumpers and bumperettes, hub caps, which are all original parts which means that they will ceanup and polish up beautifully. No re-pro JUNK here. Out at the community site you will also see pics of why I can't do anything with them anymore. If you go to ebay and type "doepke" in the search block you will see some listed for sale and how much a restored one can fetch.
Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

That is incredible! I wish you were closer and wish there was something I could to to help you out.
V.W. Piña

Just took a look. That looks like a great hobby to have during the chill of winter when you can't get out the garage to work on the full size. So life like. I dig 'em.
V.W. Piña


I have been in contact with the e-bay buyer through e-bay. I gave him your email and I will also ask him to come on to the web. It sounded like he was having problems with the seller.

Let us know if he contacts you. His name is Ed B.
BEC Cunha

No contact yet.
I also included in the items that went with the car a Doepke MGT model in a case that was restored and painted to match the car. I also included all my Whitworth tools,SU tools from the '50's.
Greg & (Grimm)
G.J. Cenzer

Would not happen to have a Black TD with a Green interior would ya? Email me if you could.
V.W. Piña

V.W. sorry I only have a black withe red interior and black with black interior.
BEC Cunha do you happen to know what state the buyer lives in?
Greg & (Gimm)
G.J. Cenzer


Sorry, He only contacts me through ebay messages. It does not list his address and he has not responded to my last message yet.

BEC Cunha

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