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MG TD TF 1500 - Original steering wheel

Can someone please post a photo or provide a description of an original steering wheel for a 51 TD? I am trying to determine if my wheel is an original or reproduction of the original. I'm replacing it with a Moto Lita and when listing the old wheel on eBay, I'd like to describe it properly/honestly.
Phil Atrill

Phil, Take a look at John Clack's post under "mystery gauges". The photo of his gauges shows an origional looking wheel with a marbelized rim (possibley the real deal). There are many reproductions around and most of them have solid color rims. Its pretty rare to see an origional in such nice condition. The origional formulation did not hold up and generally dried out and cracked. I think that anyone would be lucky to get such a nice origional looking wheel! If I found an genuine origional in new condition, I would be afraid to have it out in the sun!
Steven Tobias


Not sure this shows up as well as it could, I took it indoors with a flash. Original, and except for a crack on one of the splines (next post) in pretty good shape. You can see the marbling mentioned, it is more pronounced in person.

Stan Griffis

Here is a shot of the whole wheel.

Stan Griffis

Here is what an origional steering wheel looked like in February 1952.
Dick Thomas
Wooster, Ohio

Dick Thomas

Um..Dick,are you sure you posted the right picture?

Matthew Magilton

When one passes 80 one can not be sure of anything!
Dick Thomas

Thanks gentlemen. I had heard that the original wheel had a 'marbled' appearance and the pics confirm it.
Phil Atrill

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