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MG TD TF 1500 - Original Unused MG Ignition Keys

I know that this is picky, but I'm happy with my purchase.

As you probably know, Triple-C Motor Accessories can punch a new key for your MG from a new blank if you have the key code. That avoids the problem of poorly fitting "copy of a copy" keys.

The key on the left side of the photo was punched by Triple-C using one of their new blanks for TF681. Nice fit. Works flawlessly. Same shape as original key. The back is blank.

However, Triple-C has a limited inventory of unused keys that were cut by the factory onto original Wilmot Breeden "Made in England" blanks that have the key code stamped onto them. They look really nice. The key in the middle is the "key-code" side of the FA554 key for TF7211. The key on the right is the back-side of the FA570 key for TF681. They fit and work like a new key because, well ... they are new keys.

Here is some key info and links to the Triple-C keys.


Lew Palmer, Minnesota, USA
The MRN key sequence had numbers from 1 to 50, but was only used until sometime in 1948, so is inappropriate for a TD or TF. The application data is as follows:

Series Sequence Numbers Dates of Use
MRN 1 50 1932 - 1948
FA 501 625 1948 1955
FP 626 7xx 1955 1962
FS 7xx 925 1962 -
FR Rover Only


(October 2022)

Triple-C Motor Accessories

> Replacement Keys for MGs: Blanks and cut to code

> Replacement Keys for many cars

> Original Wilmot Breeden Keys

> Original Wilmot Breeden MRN Code Keys

> Original Wilmot Breeden FA Code Keys

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> Original Wilmot Breeden FT Code Keys


LM Cook

That's great info Lonnie. Somewhere I have a new key blank and my original key insert. It has been on my todo list for decades to put it back in. Right now I have one of the square Union inserts. Bothers me every time I turn the car on.
Christopher Couper

I can say with absolute certainty that MRNs were used on TDs well into 1951. TD-4834, TD-5779 and TD/c-8151 all retain their original MRN-xx tumblers.
W A Chasser

I can say with certainty that MRNs were used on TDs well into 1951. TD-4834, TD-5779 and TD/c-8151 all retain their original MRN-xx tumblers.
W A Chasser

Thanks Bill,

I copied the date and code chart from an old post. I wrote a tech tip about keys for our club. I'll change it to reflect your message.

"Triple-C agrees with you. This is from the Triple-C website:

MG replacement ignition, door and trunk keys - this list may help you find the replacement key for your MG. Quite often the key type is embossed into the key or code and key style can be found on the bezel of the key lock.
From our experience early T-Series (TC early TD) cars used MRN, Later T-Series used FA and FP.- check your cars ignition lock most often the key type and code are stamped on the exterior bezel.

MGA use FP

MGB, MGBGT, MG midget ignition - early cars FP, mid range FS, later cars with steering column ignition locks, MG,(69-72), AA (73-77) and X29 (NE24) - 78-80

MGB door/trunk - very early cars FP - most FS

Don't forget that over the years previous owners may have changed the locks on your car, use the above guide as a place to start your replacement key search.

We have a large stock of original Wilmot Breeden keys in MRN, FA, FP, FS series - check this page for details. Can't find your cars key code see our help page."

LM Cook

Another source for original keys is

They're been around for a long time so I don't know what their stock is like these days.
Steve Simmons

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