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MG TD TF 1500 - OT: 68' 'Royal' E-Jag

So how does Prince Harry rate a fantastic '68 blue E-Jag for a post-wedding using wedding cars tonbridge ride with his bride? I guess he knows how to drive a stick, eh?

Just jealous,
efh Haskell

Well, Ed, that E-type has been set up with an electric motor so probably no shifter.

BTW, they drove off without buckling up.


Bobby Galvez

That is the 'E-Type Concept Zero'... an electric conversion performed last year by Jaguar/Land Rover.
Actually 1 second faster... 0-62 that the Series 1 E.

But how could you drive that...without that sweet six cylinder symphony?

That sound is very much a part of the Series 1 allure.


M Brand

Yes, and oddly enough it's also Left-Hand Drive. Huh??
Kevin McLemore

Electric E? No longer an E imo!! I was able to drive one like it back in the 60's on a regular basis. I still remember it!
efh Haskell

Yes, and oddly enough it's also Left-Hand Drive. Huh??

LHD, Probably an export model! LOL
PJ Jennings

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