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MG TD TF 1500 - OUR 'T' serie's Xmas Gift

I require your opinions as to what I/you, want under $60, for our T series? I feel it should probably ?? be an accessory. After all our "T" series requires something from Santa.

C B Ryley

I would like a luggage rack for the TF. Might be more than $60, but since we know each other so well, maybe Santa could make an exception. Overnight air ship please.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

A fitted car cover?

Matthew Magilton

I would go for a black or tan MG TD leather steering wheel cover. Toolkit included, installation takes about an hour. See eBay UK.
KR-classics is the supplier. Buy via eBay or via mail

Costs GBP 39,95 + postage. Seems a perfect fit with your budget...


Jasper L Nederhoed

That is of course, if your budget has the same property as all other budgets... ;-)

Jasper L Nederhoed

Tom & others looking for that "just can't live without" gift for your self or car, I make S/S racks for both TD & TF. A little more than $50.00.

Bob Wrenn


Could you post some pictures?

Jasper L Nederhoed

Tom, I've contacted Santa, Santa said he would put on two extra Reindeer, with red noses, guaranteeing overnight air ship (just after midnight,though).
Santa said the dollar limit should be closer to $3oo, for such a fine Series of MG's. Santa said he was thinking of adding two MG's with his Reindeer.

C B Ryley

Judson make a unit for "Reindeer"?
(1-1/4 or 1-1/2 su's on them?)
David Sheward

hmm, lets see. within the price range

MG Key Fob, oil change for engine, transmission and differential with red line for the diff/trans. Good radiator flush and refill.

Rebuild kit for the master and slave cylinders.
Bruce Cunha

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