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MG TD TF 1500 - Overflow pipes

Here is an interesting Float Bowl Overflow Pipe arrangement on the "Award Winning" TD,,300593849817, IMBW, but it seems like the overflow pipes are connected to each other...


Looks like the aft pipe goes down, then up to a T of some sort. What about gravity? Would any overflow even get to the T?
efh Haskell

I don't see the "T".... although there seems to be two colors of pipe from the aft bowl,,, below the front bowl I see the engine front bracket,,,

Steve, right above where the choke cable connects to the rear jet lever, appears to be a piece of copper sleeving that might be joining the two pieces of tubing. Bud
Bud Krueger

Looks like a recipe for disasterous running.

Without vents, the float bowls will operate at fuel pump pressure, not atmospheric pressure.

The carb functions by metering gas in the lower pressure/higher velocity venturi, with atmospheric pressure a constant force.

Also would be very prone to vapor lock as there's nowhere for vapor to go but into the engine AFTER fuel gets consumed.
Jim Northrup

YUP,,, that's the two colors of pipe that I was referring to from the aft bowl,,


I'm sorry Steve, did you say "award winning"????
D. Sander

Yea, Award winning either in its previous life or in the mind of the owner.
Bruce Cunha


Millwakee British Car Field Day,,, 2005,,,
Class TD-TF,,,2nd place..

Hey Steve, Wouldn't you think the horns on the wrong side would go glug glug instead of beep beep?
R.AF. Robert Finucane

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