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MG TD TF 1500 - Paint and Interior colors

Hi All

When I restored my 50 TD back in the 70's, I found that the original color was sun bronze. The car came to me with a black interior. I remember that there was some color on the back of one of the side curtail brackets, but over the years can't remember what it was.

Does anyone know what interior colors the Sun Bronze paint would have had?
Bruce Cunha

Bruce the Original mg td says it would have been either green or red. It also says the bronze was a 51 color only. You gonna have the mini T ready for Ohio? LeeAnn and I won't be there so we expect pictures... Please.

LaVerne Downey

Hey Bruce,

Did you get that MGB license plate bracket I sent you?

Richard Taylor

I'm still in the thinking about it stage, but it would appear my 51 TD project was originally a Clipper Blue car which was at some point painted a "hunter green." That means it probably would have had a tan/biscuit interior originally as the only choice with the Clipper Blue.

I'm thinking of a VERY dark blue/green for the exterior re-do and a tan/biscuit interior with the "new" Moss Honey Tan carpeting. What'dyall think?

Heres a Clipper Blue 51. Being somewhat biased, I think it is one of the best and rarest of the TC/TD colors. Mine was originaly black from the factory.

Tom Maine

Hi Lavern

Looks like the model car will take another year. Got tied up with a project for my son. Will be starting back on it soon and will get pictures.

Converting it to a electric car and now I need to learn all about electric motors.

As for the car. I know my car is a 50, But it is a late 50 (Nov 1950). Also pretty sure on the color as I had to take off three layers of other paint to get down to metal. Last color was sun bronze. Red or Green.

So If I go with green with my current cream, if decide to go back to original color, I would be ok.
Bruce Cunha

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