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MG TD TF 1500 - paper air filter part #

i was at a recent boots and bonnets..arrived late and couldn't stay long...did not see the anyone by their cars so i was unable to ask the owners...every td with its bonnet open had put a paper filter element in the air cleaner cannister. i am all for original, but this seems like something i should think about. the filter only lifted the lid on the cannister about 1/4" to 3/8" so it looks like it was meant to be. has anyone on this site done this? if so, what is the filter element brand/part number? thanks. sincerely, tom
tm peterson

Tom, did you ever find out what the filter element being used was? I'm considering reverting back to the oilbath canister but I' like to replace the innards with a disposable paper filter - preferably one in common usage that I could get for a reasonable price from NAPA.


J. K. Chapin

When did this start? I don't know anyone who drives a TD that uses a paper filter in place of the oil. Guess I missed that episode. Bud
Bud Krueger

Check this site out--- Mike Grogan describes his dry air filter with K&N Element
Richard Cameron

Thanks, Rich. Mike seemed to be trying to solve an oil issue that isn't generic. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud and Richard, maybe I'll rethink this. I haven't had a car with an oil bath air filter since my '52 Plymouth when I was 15, Reading the posts at Richard's link and reading some other posts in the archives leads me to think maybe oil bath good, paper not so good. What got me started is that I have an opportunity to pick up an original oil bath filter and inlet manifold and I have elcheapo screen filters on the car now.

We can probably put this 14 year old thread back to bed.


J. K. Chapin

Heres an idea, put your original, hard to find TD air filter on the shelf rather than chopping it up to fit a replaceable element. NTG Motor Serices in the UK has a complete, new filter pot assembly that uses a K&N filter. At the current exchange, the price is about $170 USD and the lads at NTG are good guys from my experience. The original Purolator TD filters are getting hard and expensive to find. I paid $275 recently for a friend who had to have an original. Please donít ruin yours.
A Peddicord

Thanks. I agree with you. I'm a bit into preservation when it comes to original (or NOS) parts so I wouldn't have done anything that would have involved cutting or bending.

J. K. Chapin

When I was last in the UK, I bought one of these air filters from NTG and it works a treat. Looks completely authentic. It must be said that I am not a purist trying to make my car absolutely correct but as conveniently driveable as possible while still maintaining the looks.
MGTD 0460
R A B Wilson

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