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MG TD TF 1500 - Parking lamp assistance

1954 mgtf
Driver's side (left hand drive) front parking lamp does not light although its turning signal feature does light. Swapped bulbs with the other side and am sure the bulb is good. Installed it a month ago (it worked then) and thereafter painted nuts under wing. Does it ground to wing? Did I eliminate the ground with paint? I have current to the socket/fixture for the parking lamp.
Ed Eastman

It does ground to wing, but that does not explain how come it works for the signal feature, since both are common. Take the whole assembly apart.
Denis L. Baggi

Ed -- If the turn signal function works then you have a good ground. Look for a poor connector inside the engine compartment in the wire to the parking light.

R. K. (Bob) Jeffers


With the bulb out, check that the two contacts have power and that you have a good ground. Could be as simple as the wire not making good contact at the socket. I had that problem initially and also "lost" the ground on one lamp after driving around all summer with it working fine. A little clean up of the ground and everything has worked since then.

Brian Smith

I think I had a similar problem and the sockets were ok but the bulbs were funny and not making contact. I think we had to turn the bulbs around or get different bulbs.

The bulb went into the socket and locked in but the orientation of the contacts was wrong and the didn't make contact.
Larry Ayres

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