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MG TD TF 1500 - Pedal Box Booby Trap

Discovered something new this afternoon as I was buttoning up the underside of Lazarus. Sump is now fully back in place with the new front seal. The master cylinder is reconnected. The side cover is back on the pedal box. Came up from under the car to see about pushing the large rubber seal onto the front of the master cylinder from the top side of the pedal box and saw something unexpected. The top of the brake pedal doesn't have the flat side showing for connecting the spacer and pedal pad! Would you believe that the brake pedal will go on backwards? From under the car there's hardly any difference. What you wind up with (with a little bit of machine work) is a pedal arrangement that would be great for us guys with big feet.

I must admit that it only takes about fifteen minutes to r/r the pedal box when you're not working in a bunch of crud and rusted in components. Bud
Bud Krueger

Hate that! I've done very similar things before.

Alex Waugh

And... As fate would have it, I went back out to the shop only to find out that I had put the trans tunnel on before installing the ground strap and vent tube bracket. Fortunately I was able to do it from below, but it was a bugger!

Alex Waugh

Years ago I was driving the TF when the clutch pedal fell to the floor with no clutch action during a shift. I drove home and put the car on the lift. I took off the pedal box cover. I found that the weld holding the arm on there shaft inside the pedal box broke. I very carefully cleaned up the metal and welded the arm back on the shaft. I welded it really strong so it would never come apart again. I put the pedal box cover back on and buttered everything up.
Imagine my suprise when I went to drive the car off the lift, and I discovered the clutch pedal was still on the floor! I welded the arm in the wrong position, effectively welding the pedal to the floor!
D. Sander

David, that makes me feel better about some of the silly things I have done! George
George Butz

Like Bud, Alex, David, George and myself, I believe all of us who have worked on our cars have done something sometime that resulted in expressing the words,
AW Shxt

Jim Merz

Before I reconnect the master cylinder I may just check something out. Being quite adept at it now, I may just reassemble the pedals with the reversed brake pedal and get a photo of the result. Then I'll take another when I get it reassembled properly. That should let me get an idea of how much extra shoe room would result from intentionally doing this. Bud
Bud Krueger

This thread was discussed on 12/03/2014

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