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MG TD TF 1500 - Pedal Box gaiter

I'm going to make a gaiter for the clutch pedal rod and pedal box to keep out the dirt and grit. My question is, what was there originally? On my 51TD, there are two screws (something like the flooring screws, with washers, holding a small piece of decayed rubber in place.
Can someone post a picture of an original setup?
Geoffrey M Baker

Hi Geoff -

The two threaded screw holes on the front face of the pedal box were used to hold the clutch cable assembly in place on the early cars fitted with the cable operated clutch.

I don't believe there was a gaiter on the later cars fitted with the rod actuated clutch (but they sure help).

I have seen others fit a small boot to the rod and snug it up to the hole on the front of the pedal box. A motor cycle shop may have a selection from which to choose. NAPA may also be a possibility. Someone has found a nice sized gaiter that they just slipped on the rod - it looked very appropriate.

Here is a link to Declan Burns' solution


Declan has a great solution. But I reckon I can build a nice gaiter assembly. So as you say probably my shade tree mechanic put a bit of rubber on the screws when he did a homemade clutch rod conversion. Thanks for the info!
Geoffrey M Baker

When sourcing a gaiter make sure it is not too thick and can compress enough to match the clutch rod movement. The ones I use are really thin and supple.

D Burns

Will do Declan...
Geoffrey M Baker

I seem to recall that Mort Resnicoff has answered that issue. Check the archives.

Speaking of Mort -- I see in the latest TSO that he had the top TD at GOF98. Congrats, Mort. Bud
Bud Krueger

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