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MG TD TF 1500 - pertronix coil question

Moss just sells one variety of pertronix coil for our cars (ballast or non-ballast).
However, searching on the Internets shows that Pertronix sells different models of 40000 volt Flamethrower coils with different ohm ratings (1.5 and 3)
Which would be correct? I sometimes prefer buying on Amazon for the fast shipping and slightly better price...
Geoffrey M Baker

Geoff, you need to read a bit of the Pertronix literature. You'll find that the Igniter (as used in our cars) want to work with a 12 v, 3 ohm coil. Other Pertronix ignition devices will work with different input impedance coils (as low as 0.32 ohms). Bud

Bud Krueger

Right. I was going to buy a coil first and then try the electronic ignition later. So the 3 ohm coil sounds like the way to go, will work with the standard electronic ignitor...
Geoffrey M Baker

Geoff, what do you mean by 'standard electronic ignition'? Standard ignition implies points. Electronic ignition is a myriad of things, including the Pertronix Igniter. Yes, the 3 ohm coil is probably what you want. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud, I'm just thinking that I need to replace the coil now but would like to get something that would be compatible with the Pertronix igniter in future.
Geoffrey M Baker

I too, have a honkin' big black 3 ohm Pertronix coil sittin' on my shelf - 40501.

I'm a little scared to install it, especially since the ignition (Pertronix) seems to be running well. Not sure what advantage I'll get.

I bought it at Stowe from Jeff Zorn, for "a very good" price. Could never turn down a good deal!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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