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MG TD TF 1500 - Pertronix lobe sensor kit issues

Tonight I finally pulled myself together and went out into the garage to sort some final electrical issues after having converted to neg ground. Wired the H4 halogen front lights through a relay, and voila, beautiful bright lights up front. The SVC pilot lights with amber indicator bulbs are really nice too.

Wired the Race Mettled alternator conversion, checked that the wires were not pinched inside the cap on my new neg ground lobe sensor pertronix kit, and then tried to start the car. Charging light went out even when pulling on the starter before the engine would start - which it wouldn't. Fuel is coming uP front, but the engine misfires and the ignition timing seem to be too far off for the engine to start.

The lobe sensor pertronix have no provision for adjustment apart from rotating the dizzy. Is there a way I could do a static timing wiith this kit before trying to restart the TF?

Thank you!


Jan Kristoffersen

Are you absolutely positive that you do not have the positive ground Pertronix kit?...Double check the numbers....
It's been a while since I installed the kit on my negative ground "B", but also double check that the connections to ground and the coil are correct....
My TD was pos. ground, and required a totally different wire set up than the neg. extra wire was needed.
I no longer have either car, so I can't check it.
If wiring is correct, pull each spark plug, and look to see if they are wet. Also, if they are new or were clean when you installed them, look for heavy carbon build up, which would indicate a way-to-rich carb adjustment, bad timing , or a combination of both.
Good luck.
Edward Wesson 52TD


Just checking - you're sure your distributor isn't 180 degrees out? Check #1 compression stroke against position of rotor.

If it is then check Ttalk:
Gene Gillam

I installed a Pertronix with the rotor sleeve, so I might speculate on what to do with your setup, but instead of trying to guess how it behaves, I'd pull the plugs, then like advised, establish #1 cylinder/rotor/ sparkplug wire, then roll it over with a timing light on #1 and see what it is actually doing. Twist the distributor to the advance you think is right, then lock it down.
Personally, for my timing, I run it at high revs with the timing light to see where it finishes advancing.
Good Luck!

Jan if switching from points to Pertronix timing will definitely be out. Start with static timing ...once running set with timing light with adjustable advance.
Try 30 degrees at 3k RPM. Go for a ride.
David Sheward

Thank you everyone, I will try setting static timing today. Got a bit late last night. I definitely have a neg ground kit, my old pos ground Pertronix is now on my shelf.


Jan Kristoffersen

Jan, I know for a fact that the positive ground unit is way off timing for a direct swap with points. I'm just guessing that the transfer to a negative ground unit is the same. In addition, when setting the positive ground unit statically I discovered that the unit was in the firing position when the test light went out. I doubt that is the case with the negative ground module. Anyway I believe you should be able to set it statically with a test light and I suspect it is way off right now.
L E D LaVerne

"Got a bit late last night."

Gene Gillam

Got out to the garage today. Rotated dizzy approx 30 degrees forwards, no start. Then randomly turning it the other way and the engine started immediately. Hooked up strobe light and adjusted to ten degrees advance at 1200 rpm. Went for a spin. Seems to be spot on, ol' XPEG purring like a cat .


Jan Kristoffersen

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