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MG TD TF 1500 - Pick body off frame with lift?

Well, I built a cradle and it's time to remove the tub.

The WSM says to use a suitable sling and hoist. I could sling it, I suppose, and lift it with a loader but it sure looks like I could simply pick the body off with my lift, roll the chassis out and roll the cradle under.

Any reason not?


JE Carroll

That will work fIne.
Just make sure you brace the door openings.
Have at it.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

Worked good!

JE Carroll

Depending on how much has been removed, two people can lift the tub and fire wall off the chassis (I did it with my son in law). Mine was stripped of everything, including panels. Ihave done this with the TD and the TF.
RG Taylor

Couldn't be any easier with a lift.


But a loader will do also.


I used my lift, but first made welded braces for the door openings.....Once off the frame, I put the tub onto a roll-around table, that I made. I bolted "J" hooks at the 4 corners of the tub to lift with.

E.B. Wesson

Another image:

E.B. Wesson

One more:

E.B. Wesson

Here it is on the dolly I made. Thanks to everyone who responded when I inquired about making one. D. Sanders sent me his plans by snail-mail! I used everyone's ideas.

I used 2" square tubing, .083 wall. I wanted to keep it light and it is; I can pick it up.

J E Carroll

Looks good!
D. Sander


Nice set up you have. What is the purpose of having door braces while on a lift? More support to prevent twist of the tub? How did you secure the brace?


Frank Cronin

I don't think I would worry about door braces. Jacking up one end of the cars when complete the tub flexes and the doors may not operate correctly. I'm not sure what bracing the doors accomplishes, because you will be readjusting the doors once the tub is mounted on the frame, the tank straps are in place and the four wheels are carrying the load. If the wood is so bad that moving the tub around is risky, the wood needs to be replaced.

Two people can easily lift the tub, even with an interior already installed. It's even easier with the interior stripped and the doors off.

Dave Braun

I weighed the tub, sans doors, firewall and interior, before I ventured to carry it out of the basement. It came in at 120#. Two of us could handle it easily, but four was better to avoid collisions with doorways. Bud

Bud Krueger

Jim I am insanely jealous of your lift...


If I have to to this operation I am defintely reliant on the man power of my friends !

Dave Moore

Dave, an OSH, or a wee bit of Paddy, gets a good bit of man power. Bud
Bud Krueger

I watched the door gap as the lift took the weight. Unlike when I attempted to lift one end by myself, the gap really didn't change much.

The body was shimmed just about everywhere so I will have to do the same when it's back on the frame.

Dave Moore,

The lift was rusting away behind a service garage where it was used for oil changes in fair weather. The garage went out of business and my father-in-law, a man in the tool trade, purchased it for $500.

I sandblasted it, replaced the bearings and gave it a paint job. It probably the best $500. I ever spent!

J E Carroll

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