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MG TD TF 1500 - Placement of dash switches? Signal toggle?

Good evening everyone:

Can I get a survey of where you've put your signal light switches and other togggles? I'll include a picture of the signal light toggle as it sat between the tach and the speedo before the restoration, but I'm not happy with this as the place on the new dash.

The boost and oil temp gauges are going into the middle metal panel, so that'll be four gauges in the middle, E-Jag style. But that leaves me with having to relocate the ignition/light toggle and the horn button. I've got a 3/4 inch black push-button that can stay on the metal panel for the horn, and I'm going to wire the instrument lights to the headlights [Nippondenso alternator, I'm confident...] so I'll need a toggle for the fog lights, a place for the ignition key,a spot for the signal lights, and a place for the rheostat for the heater motor. I looked at an aftermarket hot-rod steering column-mounted turn indicator on eBay, but it looked more suitable to an old Dodge 5-ton than a TD. Maybe I'll go with the Lucas/MGA signal light toggle, but I wanted to get a sense of where you all had placed your switches.

Thanks, as always,

Dave Jorgensen

Here's a picture of the eBay turn signal - I'd rather not use this if there's a nicer alternative. It's just that the Lucas/MGA toggle seems to take up a lot of dash space.


Dave Jorgensen

When my TD was redone in '69, the builder added a panel left of the speedometer.... top toggles for driving lights, bottom one the turn signals... Each toggle is a three way...the top ones you just use two positions...bottom one all three positions...
There is a fair amount of room on that side....


Thanks Gord:

One more hole for the dashboard: I'd like to put a regular 12-volt accessory outlet on the dash, and I thought I'd just take out the original 2-pin 12-volt plug and make the hole larger. How have you handled that situation?

Dave Jorgensen

A three way toggle would certainly look better then that steering column one...have seen those and they do look better on American cars.
Check behind that area as there are a couple of braces and the wood is really thick.
An aluminum panel over top might make it look better then just a hole.
Mine is still positive ground and I'm not using any accesories...would rather not have anything 'new' on it as well... just me! If i did, I would put it behind the dash facing down so I knew where it was, but no one couls see it!


Check out my website in the Instrument and fascia panel section for the location of the original style turn signal switch. I got the information from Bud's T-Talk, so you may want to look there as well. The original mounting position behind the panel with the switch hanging down falls readily to hand while driving the car. It will not interfer with your additional gauging. Since I have a rather annoying piezoelectric buzzer attached instead of an indicator light (I have an early car with the dash mounted dip switch which would have interferred with the panel light on later cars) either occupant can easily cancel the switch. The pneumatic delay is ideal for not driving about with a turn signal on, something that happens often to people with double throw switches.

Dave Braun

Hi Dave:

I always favored the old Sprite position of centered on the dash over the shift lever. It was easy to hit - off/on with your thumb as you down shifted for the corner and the passenger could work it if you were too busy.

Godspeed in Safety FAST
John Crawley

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