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MG TD TF 1500 - PLC 6 Switch

I think my original PLC6 switch needs to be repaired. With the switch selected for
side lights the ignition cuts out. The ignition does not cut out with the switch set on headlights.I have three questions:
1. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the cause.
2. Is there someone who repairs these switches.
3. Are the reproduction switches any good or are they of poor quality.
Many thanks Lionel TD3490.
L.F. Thorne

Where is friend Peter Hehir when we need him?
J K Chapin

I just went through my switches. Itís not a difficult job but... you must unsolder the tiny nut on the back of the case. This requires a hot iron and a suction device to remove as much solder as possible. While the nut is hot gently work it loose and remove it. There are two large tabs on the backside of the switch. They break very easily and one must be very careful in straightening them just enough to let them pass through the case. If you break one the switch can still function. But if both tabs break then the switch is junk without a replacement. In the first pic you can see that one of the tabs is broke off. As long as one tab remains the switch can continue to be serviceable. NEVER BEND THE TABS BACK during reassembly. It is not necessary and they will likely fail.

Also, DO NOT PRY THE TABS ON THE FACEPLATE !!!!Push down while turning to align the tabs with the slots and the entire lock assembly will come off. Look over your case very carefully. You will see were the tabs lock into pockets along the rim of the Bakelite case. If the case is cracked or broken consider it to be junk. If the pockets are thin it is possible to reuse the case. I used a bent piece of MIG wire to bolster the retainer by bridging the gap of the pocket.

I can take a look at it if you need it cleaned. I also have a FS keyed switch to put back together but I need a decal / Sticker for the face plate. FTFU has them but I have not seen the quality or type of material used.

There have been reports of defective repop switches causing fires several years ago. Whether changes were made or not I donít know. If at all possible you want to save your switch.

Bill Chasser

W A Chasser

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