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MG TD TF 1500 - Please help to identify this steering wheel

I've searched high & low. Any clues?
VWP Pina

Abpit the only thing I can tell is that it is not MG (and it is cracked). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

It appears to be a mid/late 60's Sprite/midget wheel to me.


I thought early B
gblawson - TD#27667

As they say in the NFL.. After further review I now believe this is an early 60's Triumph TR steering wheel. Have a look at a TR4 or TR3 on ebay for comparison.

It's not BMC. It looks like its in the Triumph family. Maybe a Triumph Hearld.
David Honness

L.A. Leclerc

I believe the MGA has a 4 set spoke arrangment forming a horizontal "X". The MGB/Midget/Sprite have the Three spoke arrangement but only two spokes on the bottom set and the upper sets run sloped towards the bottom. Triumph has the three spoke arangement with three spokes per set and they are more horizontal on the upper set.

Triumph TR3
Dave Martin

That is most definitely a TR2/TR3 wheel.
Craig Cody

In Dave M's picture, it looks like it has 4 horizontal & vertical. Mine is 4 Horizontal & 3 vertical. I've looked at several early TR wheels and it does not seem to be it.
VWP Pina

I happen to have one exactly the same as yours. It came on an old MGA parts car. Don't have a clue what it belongs to but it fits an MGA steering column. Will be interesting if someone comes up with an answer. Have a good day.

John Progess

I measured this wheel today and it is 17".
VWP Pina

I think it is an MG ZA Magnette wheel minus its horn-push/indicator switch assembly.
Therefore it probably fits the MGA steering column too (as John mentioned).
Can't see it clearly on the photo, but to be a Magnette wheel it should be nearly flat certainly not dished...
(The non-adjustable Triumph Tr2/Tr3 though also 17" diam. has indeed similarities but has the four spoke/four spoke arrangement.)
Hope this helps !

Nick, 52TD/63Midget/74MGB.
D.G.J. Herwegh

Like this?;p=157701279

David Wardell

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