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MG TD TF 1500 - Positive report

Just returned from BBTS and kudos to Steve and Annie Wincze for another great event.

Just wanted to report that the engine work of the winter seems to be holding up very well. New pistons, rings and of course Len's roller lifter cam etc.
Did about 500 miles over the weekend and most of it on the interstate. I get a little sympathetic vibration in the low 60's but above that it runs like a dream. I don't know how fast Mobius will go but I know how fast I will go so I kept it under 80 at all times. Seriously, I only went up there by inattention. I always obey the speed limit ;))
Mort 50 TD

Mort, what conversions have you done at this point on the car? Supercharge? 4.3? 5sp gearbox?
Geoffrey M Baker

5 Speed Transmission (original is under my bench at home)
SU H4 Carburetor
K&N air filter
Roller Lifter cam
Oxygen Sensor for A/F Ratio
7 Vane Asymmetric Fan Blade
Austin Healey Anti-sway Bar
Boot Storage Compartments
16 Position Fuse Block
Third Brake Light
Mohave Heater
steering wheel
Turn Signals
Wind Wings
Seat Belts
Sun Visor
E-Z Pass
Badge Bar
Luggage Rack
Mini Luggage Rack
Engine Drip Pan
Side View Mirrors
In Line Fuel Filter
Full Tonneau Cover
Battery Cut-Off Switch
Removable Head Rests
Clutch Stop on Pedal Box
Back Up Facet fuel pump
Wire Wheels and Knock Offs
Front Fender Rear view Mirrors
Valve Cover Vent to Air Filter With Oil Scrubber
Clutch Connecting Rod Modification
Washer and Cotter Pin on rear shock
fire extinguishers, Halon and Type B
Fume Excluder on Accelerator Linkage
Thermocouple Pick Up Point Relocated
Grime Excluder on Pedal Box
Suicide Door Locks with Warning Lights
Heater Diverter Valve and Redirected Plumbing
Acoustic and Thermal Insulation under Carpet
Internal Door Turnbuckles to Adjust Camber
Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold
Air Horns with Relay
Magnetic Sump Drain Plug
Period Correct Inspection Sticker
Repainted in British Racing Green
Rear End Replaced with a 4.55 Ratio
Custom Spare Tire Mounting Bracket
Adapter for Vertical Spin Off Oil Filter
Shims to Compensate for Twisted Frame
Halogen headlights with Relays
K & N Valve Cover Filter
4 Core Radiator
Power Port
Garmin GPS
iPhone Mount
MiniJawbone Speaker
Quartz Movement for the Clock

It is possible that I forgot something.

Now working on converting running, brake and turn signal lights to LED for a positive ground car.
Mort 50 TD

Hi Mort,

Could you describe your clock modification?


J Barry

And... Möbius is one of only a hand full of cars to achieve a perfect score in the NEMGTR "Safety-Fast" inspection program. Not a passing score mind you, but a perfect score. Well done Mort. Your work is more than impressive, it is legendary.
Well done,
D. Sander

You are hired as my personal agent.
Mort 50 TD

I sent my instruments to West Valley in Reseda, CA. They overhauled them and added a quartz movement but kept the same clock face. It will work with either positive or negative ground cars.

Mort 50 TD


Thanks, I've been looking into that sort of thing. There are quartz movements easily available, but I just have to figure out how to interface with the clock face and attach. It seems like a good solution to the clock problem.

Very impressive list!

J Barry

Hi Mort

I have been considering picking up a fixer upper. Would you consider $2000?

Man what a list, I am impressed.

G Parker

Would that be cash?
Mort 50 TD

Dude you forgot the Kanuter Valve.
DCD Durlin

OK, I figger that's about 59 (60 if you count the Kanuter Valve, whatever that is) new threads. I'm particularly interested in Valve Cover Vent to Air Filter With Oil Scrubber (What's an oil scrubber and where do you get one?), Thermocouple Pick Up Point Relocated (does this replace the ether bulb water temp sensor?) and the K & N Valve Cover Filter (what's dat? Where do it go?

Mort, you're a living legend.

J K Chapin


Cash on the barrel head. Could you deliver it to Nebraska for that? Maybe I could meet you in Omaha.

G Parker

Mort, ignore him. I'll go to $2010. I'll even pick up!
Geoffrey M Baker

Mort, I was really glad to notice that among your many improvements, you decided to add a steering wheel. :)
Geoffrey M Baker

It's a different steering wheel. A MotoLite with a leather cover.

Mort 50 TD

OK Jud,
You got me on this one. The K & N valve cover filter allowed the valve cover to breathe but would collect oil vapors and drip on the valve cover and engine parts. I should have removed it from the list.

I replaced it with the oil scrubber. See next post.

Mort 50 TD

I got this idea from a fellow poster on this BBS. He did a beautiful job with copper fittings and had them chromed. Mine is just a test mock up I made out of some plumbing parts, coarse steel wool and stainless steel screening.

Mort 50 TD

This seems to be working well. The oil is scrubber from the vapor coming out of the valve cover. The clear tubing leading to the card air filter is void of oil and not being put back into the carb. The scrubber body does collect oil and I empty it out every now and then. I had a small drain valve(434-240) on the body but it was easier to just remove the end from the valve cover and dump it in a can.
When I have nothing else to do (ha ha) I will build a more permanent device.
This also allows the valve cover to breathe in both directions.

Mort 50 TD

I moved the thermocouple from the radiator tank to just below the thermostat. I wanted to get a better reading for the engine water temperature. Before the thermostat opens and water circulates, the original position just gives you ambient water temperature and not an indication of what is going on in the engine.
Since I don't weld I just drilled and tapped a hole for a pipe fitting and used some sealant. Over three years and no problems.

Mort 50 TD

Mort, Thanks!. I've been thinking of a simple replacement for what I call my purple Christmas tree (see image) and I think you've nailed it.

When I hear "thermocouple" I think of an electrical sensor that either changes resistance or produces a small voltage (I'm not enough of a EE to know which) in proportion to the temperature. I thought from reading the posts that the TD sensor used volume expansion of a fluid to sence temperature. If any of my (mis?) understanding in the foregoing is correct, is yours an electrical sensor or a fluid expansion sensor. I just can't see me cutting a tube, filling it with ether and resoldering it. I can tie my shoes and walk and chew gum at the same time but that's about it.



J K Chapin

You have been doing a lot of work on the car! Looks good.
Keith from NJMGT club

This was my inspiration. Very nice installation.
The plumbing is very different. He runs from the breather fitting through a scrubber to a PCV to the intake manifold. He also runs the valve cover exhaust to his air filter.
My breather pipe still messes up my garage floor and I exhaust the valve cover through the scrubber into my air filter.

The type of temperature sensor was not as important to me as its location.


Mort 50 TD

FWIW a Thermocouple produces an increasing voltage with increasing temperature. (Yes, usually a very small voltage at automotive coolant temperatures)

A Thermister changes resistance with temperature. Some increase in resistance, some decrease with resistance.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Thanks Jim, now I remember thermister (thermal resister). Has anybody fitted an electrical temp guage in the combo oil pressure/water temp body? Seems that running a wire would be lots easier than routing a fluid tube.

J K Chapin

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