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MG TD TF 1500 - Potential Alternative Source for Under Dash Shield

I have been dealing with a company QuietRide about the installation of one of their soundproofing kits.

Nice stuff, well made but was missing some sections which they are now making for me based on some paper templates.

As part of the discussion it turns out that they can make panels suitable as under dash shields.

They would be prepared to make some up based on a template from an original - actaully best to give them one.

So. May or not work out. May or not be suitable - but would anyone be willing to send them an old shield to look at if they were in the market for a new one...

Here is the mail trail with the company. The 'A' template they refer to is for my TF shield - not original as far as I can tell..

Just to be clear Timothy did you means to say doesnt instead of does chip or fray ?

very flexible, but does chip or fray around the edges and it is

Ill see if anyone would be willing to lend you an original panel. May be a little rough.

There are problems with supply of the replacement panels from Moss ( the biggest supplier for this car marquee) so there may actually be interest from people who just want the panel and werent considering the insulation.

Ill ask around...

From: Timothy Cox []
Sent: 26 July 2012 9:39
To: Dave Moore
Subject: Re: Question About Completeness of mgtf Roadster Kit MGTD5355-RAK

Thanks Dave-

Good Information.

We will make up the A panel insulation as well and get it out to you.

If you can come up with a template for the A panel cover, we would be glad to make it up in an ABS leather grained plastic. This material is very flexible, but does chip or fray around the edges and it is easily painted to match the interior of the car if desired.

I read some comments on the internet about customers trying to install some of these panels. You are correctwe only want to work from an original.

Again, thank you for all your assistance.

Timothy Cox
Dave Moore

Someone was or still is making these for a TF.
I purchased one from LBCar co. a few years back.
It is black ABS plastic with a grained finish.
Try Jeff Zorn he may still have a source.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson


Fairly confident you can source these panels here in Aus., a retired gentleman is/was making them. I there is any interest I will contact the supplier to establish if they are still available.

G Evans

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