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MG TD TF 1500 - power loss up hill 52' TD

I had an over hear issue last week, turns out i had to probs that I thought was one.. I thought rhe overheating was causing my overheat issue..

I got the overheat issue down, but i still have a loss of power after about 1/4 on a hill, feels like its starving for fuel like its bogging. once I come to a stop to make a turn around its runs fine!

What could be causeing this? I have messed with the timing for two days and I still have the same prob.

SL Salvatore

How clean are the filters in your system. One in the tank, fuel pump and carbs all have filters.s The one in the tank can cause just what your system is doing. I had the same problem some years back and it was the filter in the tank. hard pedal would cause it to starve out and it was junk in tank clogging up the filter. Just a thought.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

S.L. i have to ask, what cured your overheat problem? regards, tom
tom peterson

I just needed a good flush of the system, Tons of dark brown sludge came out of the block, tho the rad was clean!

SL Salvatore

Seems that the power issue is do to a fuel prob, I took the Orig SU pump out do to it not working and replaced it with a low psi over the counter pump from napa. I did the pint test (50 sec to fill a pint) and it failed miserably. The flow was about 1/4 of a pint in 60 sec..

is there an alternative pump that I can use till I save some fundsto get a new SU pump?
SL Salvatore

Have you looked at the FACET pumps, that Moss sells?
I had them on both of my "B's", and they worked great.
If you get one, get the rubber "stand-offs", as they can be noisy if mounted directly to the frame...
You'll have to ask them if they can also be used on "T's", but I don't know why not. (Polarity might be an issue....)
E.B. Wesson

Thanks what I am about to try!!

SL Salvatore

E.B, What was the part number on your pump?
SL Salvatore

Moss # for the pumps that I used in my "B's" was 377-420....Please check with their tech dept. , to see if they can be used in "T's".
E.B. Wesson

why not overhaul your S.U. pump? regards, tom
tom peterson

Does Moss sell a rebuild kit or does the pump need to be sent out?
SL Salvatore

Send it to Dave DuBois he'll convert it to solid state, no points problems.
- Dave, speak up ;-)
oh, I forgot, it's Summer, he enjoys his TD etc., does pumps in the cold weather, he got mine done just before hot weather.
A W Parker

The FACET and similar pumps deliver plenty of fuel; if yours does not, then either it is defective or it is trying to suck through a clogged line/filter/pickup - which is probably what killed your SU and will kill the next one.
All as Tom M asked above.
And while you can buy repair parts for the SU, you do not have the tools or knowledge to check and rebuild it correctly, especially if it did in fact die from restricted pickup. Go to Dave D's site linked above and read about it.

FR Millmore

Super!! Thanks buys..
SL Salvatore

Hi friends,

what pint do you mean: an US pint= 473 ccm or a english pint = 568 ccm?

Thanks for answer
Harthof Klaus

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