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MG TD TF 1500 - Prayers for my Dad

My dad last week was diagnosed with inoperable duodenal cancer and told he has little time left. 2 weeks to 2 months.

In 1952 he purchased a new SSG & red TD MK II from Oxford Motors in Sacramento CA. He joined the Sacramento Sports Car Club (SSCC) where he and a longtime friend, Bud McCormmick, also owning a green on green MK II actively campaigned their cars together in gymkhana, timed road rallys, and track events in the region.

Dad met my mom shortly after and they were married in 1954 taking the TD on a honeymoon along the famed HWY 1 along the California and Oregon coastline. I have pics somewhere of him sweeping mom off her feet in her bridal gown at curbside, cans tied to the back and lipstick meesages all over the car.

On TDY returning from Biloxi Mississippi he encountered a sand storm in the Nevada desert with no air cleaners. He managed to drive on into Bakersfield California over the Tehachapi mountains limping into the motel at 15 mph. The car badly damage , he did a impromptu overhaul in the parking lot and continued to Sacramento where again the car was limping at 20 mph.

He promptly returned to Oxford Motors where he traded it for a new AH 100-4 and cursed the decision afterwards. His complaints always being the 1) you always needed a bilge pump in wet weather as the AH would have wet floors and 2) the AH may have been faster on the straightaways but the TD would eat it up in the corners!

As most of you know who have been reading my posts I have wanted a TD since first seeing Bud's MK II rotting away under a shade tree when I was a teenager, never being able to with life changes and a love for muscle cars

When I met Lawrie Alexander earlier this year it lit a fire and a renewed passion to find a TD project for us to work on together. Dad went through all the electric's and helped out where his talents could be used while I worked on the rest. My hope was to give him the chance to relive some of his youth in spirited jaunts on some lonely canyon roads. Sadly, this will never be realized as the car is months from completion and there is so little time left for him and I to have these bonding moments.

I just wanted to tell you a little about my dad and ask that you keep us in your thoughts through these most difficult times ahead...


Bill Chasser Jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

Bill, Very sorry to hear about your dad. Our prayers go to you, your dad and his family. Don't know what else to say. Sad, very sad. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Bill, here's hoping that there is enjoyment in the time that you and your dad have left together. May good memories bring warmth and comfort.

Bobby Galvez

So sorry to hear your news Bill. You don’t know me but I feel the pain you and your family are no doubt going through. It is hard to find words that will lift your sprites but know we have you in our thoughts
The good memories and times with your Dad will comfort you.
Rod Jones

Bill: Sorry for the news about your father but what wonderful memories. I can see now why you are so passionate about your TD. I sent you an email.
Christopher Couper

Hi Bill,
So sorry to hear of the news about you Dad. We only get one and they are very special to us.
Take care and good luck.
John ..Sydney
John Walton

Sorry about the bad news. But a beautiful story of the past until now - you should spend as much as possible of the remaining time together and build good memories
All the best
Mike Fritsch


My wife and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers. We have both lost our fathers and my mother is gone as well. We miss them always but cherish all the special times we had with them. Wishing you the best in this trying time.

Kirk Trigg

Really sorry to hear your news Bill. If I lived near you & my old girl was on the road you & your dad would be very welcome to take my TD for a spin in appreciation of the help you've given me. You're in our thoughts.
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir


So sorry to hear about your Dad's diagnosis. Lost my Dad @ 67 many years ago to a sudden diagnosis as well. I know it's not easy.

He always wanted to refurbish his '54 TF and never got to it before he died. I'm in the process of fulfilling his dream this year. The restoration has brought back many fond memories as the old TF gains new life.

Life does and will go on, but it will never be exactly the same. Prayers and good wishes to you and your family in these difficult times.

G Dillinger

So sorry to hear it, Bill. Always great to hear about people's love for their TDs though! We'll keep our fingers crossed.
Geoffrey M Baker

Bill sorry for the bad news, but ditto for the good memories.
Dad passed my TD on to me to be passed on to my daughter. Wish he could have been there to see her on the way to the church In her wedding using wedding cars tonbridge gown in the TD, ( her wish, not mine)
Every time I get in the little car I think of my dad.
Hoping of many fond thoughts for you of your dad, every time you go for a ride in the little car.
Our prayers for you & your family.
Len & Andrea

Len Fanelli

Perhaps this might give your dad a smile . . .


When Gabriel blows his mighty blast
And calls me home to rest at last
Don’t measure me for harp nor wings
But let me have instead, these things:

An MG car of vintage year
A gal with me to squeal in fear
Laystall head with extractors roar
A blower’s scream for ever more

A winding twisting mountain pass
And always full – a tank of gas
The engine peak before a shift
And Lord I ask for one more gift

Magic tyres that hold on ice
An angle pal with whom to dice
And permission Lord with fingers crossed
To lie about the race I lost

by Jc
You are both in our prayers
John Crawley

Following up on Peter H, are there any TDs locally that could be a substitute for the unfinished resto and give the both of you an opportunity for a few rides together now?


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

Prayers for you & your family...wish I was closer to offer the TF for a ride.
Has to be someone near that can do this?
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Thank you everyone for your kind and thoughtful responses. The things I have found regarding this community is you all are a truly genuine group of enthusiasts that share a connection regardless of distance, politics, religious beliefs, etc. It is the love of our cars that is the fabric of our kindred spirits.

John, Thank you for sharing your poetry/prayer. It warmed my heart and even made me grin as it reminded me of another snippet from dad. My grandmother (his mom) lived in the small town of Clear Lake California which is about 100mi from Sacramento. There are several ways to get there and all are twisting two lane canyon roads. The preferred route for him was what we call the Rumsey Canyon Route. His mom was a very cautious driver always obeying traffic laws and would be always watching for dads misbehaving ways. Dad was returning her to Clear Lake and decided to exercise the MG on the return trip. His mom thought that he was speeding and kept giving him the evil eye and commenting/yelling to slow down over the drone of the engine while dad politely pointing at the tachometer needle setting on 55(rpm). Mom, thinking she was looking at the speedometer, grinned and settled back in the seat for what was probably the most spirited road trip of her life. Dad, snickering under his breathe got a 100mi of hard cornering practice in at her expense. John, I am printing it up and sharing it with dad. My I reprint this with your permission and credit? I may wish to share this with his friends when the time comes.
W. A. Chasser Jr

Of course you may print and share as you see fit. I wrote this more than 20 years ago and still feel the same way today. I hope that one day someone may read it for me when I take that last great drive.
Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley


Sorry to hear of your Dad's illness. I am sure the time he is spending working on your T with you is giving him very good memories.

I now have my TD out in Diamond Springs and would love to stop by and see how yours is coming.
Bruce Cunha

John, Thank you. I think it will be quite fitting.

Hi Bruce Long time since we last chatted. I heard you had trouble out in Nevada with your MGB. When you came out to CA. The car is kind of scattered to the wind. Mechanicals at the house in Sacramento. the chassis just moved to W Sacramento before the next storm arrives. and sitting in a warehouse with the body parts. Hoping to start finishing the woodwork tomorrow And was hoping to get ready to paint the tub so I could get it mounted and have the winter to get the interior, electrics etc done. Now the weather is too cold to paint without buying infrared heaters to dry the paint. Trying to see if the budget will allow such expense. Email me and I will give you my #

W. A. Chasser Jr

Thanks for sharing your Dad's passion for MGs with us. My thoughts are with him and with you and your family.

Dave Braun

Bill, our prayers go out to you and the Chief. We know that this is a difficult time for both of you.
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

Thanks Keith
Dad won't likely make the Xmas party and I'm on the fence depending how he is holding up. He holding up well thus far. Wish I could have given him a ride in my TD.

He told me to keep plugging away on the car though. Finished getting all the wood in place and the steel sub frames in the tub today. Waiting for the rains to quit so I can finish sandblasting a few remaining items. Will start final body prepping tomorrow and hope to get the basecoat laid down Saturday and cleared Saturday or Sunday Bought several infrared lamps to facilitate the curing process.

If we get a good day maybe I could coax you to bring out the TD and take him for a spin. No pressure and I won't bring it up with him until I know if your able.


Bill Chasser Jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

Sure am sorry to hear about your Dad. I know you will cherish each moment that you have left with him. I lived 750 miles from my Dad when we lost him almost 7 years ago, but thankfully, my brother lived in the same town. I am still envious of the time that Rick had with Dad, that I did not have. I echo someone's thought that if you lived closer, you could take my car and just go with the wind. Blessings on all of you.
Frank Bice

Thank you Frank.
W. A. Chasser Jr

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