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MG TD TF 1500 - Purpose of Pedal Box Nut

Almost ready to button down the floorboards, but a puzzle has arisen. There is a caged nut (1/4-26) on the top surface of the pedal box whose purpose is unknown. It's shown on the attached image, right above the master cylinder fill cap. There's a mating hole in the rubber seal that goes above the pedal box. There's no indication of a mating hole in the floorboard. There is a floorboard screw that goes into the captive nut that is right at the toe board (screw shown in image). Any ideas would be appreciated. Tnx. Bud

Bud Krueger

Bud, IF I remember correctly, one screw that goes through the pedal rubber bellows actually goes through the floor and in to this captive nut. It goes through the metal flange, rubber boot, floor, pedal box gasket and then in to the captive nut. I think I drilled a pilot hole up through the captive nut and through the floor wood, then drilled the larger hole down through the wood being careful not to hit the captive nut. IIRC, this was a bear to do, while standing on my shoulder in the dark with no room to move my arms. At least that is my memory.
D. Sander

I ignored it. No bad effects.
Dave Braun

My floorboard has a mount screw going through it. The dimpled washer has the edge trimmed to clear the pan edge,

Mike TD/TA

One of the flat head 1/4-26 screws in the floorboard set is very short, about 3/4". I've been wondering where it goes. This would be a perfect place for it. It wouldn't protrude high enough to contact the underside of the floorboard and would locate the floorboard to pedal box pad. I think that's where it's going.
David S., I thought about that, but all of the holes in the pedal extruder retaining plate are the same size and are slightly smaller than 1/4". My arthritic joints know what you mean about that location. Bud
Bud Krueger

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