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MG TD TF 1500 - Question for Dave Sheward

Dave, there is an old thread where you were going to try a 12 volt ceramic heater running about 150 watts. Did it work? Put out any heat? Burn the electrics out? In truth I'm looking for something to just take the chill off this winter - I'd be very surprised if we even see more than a day or two of snow - so not cold weather at all. They seem awful cheap (around ten pounds) so my biggest risk the way I see it is overloading the electrics. .... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

...a wire straight from the battery to the heater and then to ground (with a switch in there somewhere) would do the trick?
I run my heater fan directly from the battery...with a light to remind me to turn it off.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I was doing that too, but would still forget. Solution was to run it through a relay controlled by the ignition switch. Bud
Bud Krueger

I'm not sure if we are talking the same thing here. These heaters run only on electric (12v), not heated from the radiator. They plug straight into the cigar lighter port (whatever they're called now). Much like a small electric fan heater. My concern is that this heater will draw more power than having the lights on full beam (I think). Will the generator keep up? and will it overload anything? and finally I'm just not too sure if a stated output of 150 watts will do much in the way of throwing any heat. They sell them cheap on ebay and really it's just a lazy way of getting around installing a "proper" heater...... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

Chris, 150 watts at 12 volts means a current draw of about 12 amps. That's about what a pair of high output headlights would draw. Your generator couldn't do both at the same time. In fact, with that heater you probably wouldn't want to drive at night with it turned on. A test of its output would be to put a mains-powered 150 watt light bulb in the car (while parked, obviously) and see how much it warms up the car. IMHO, I don't think I'd install one. Bud
Bud Krueger

Sorry for the late reply ...was working all weekend and hadn't checked the board.

Yes I do run a small electric heater in my TF. (For about 10 years now).
Directly wired to battery connections via a fuse block.
Has a hi & low setting as well as "fan only" that works well in the summer time. I do have to remember to shut it off ...but not a problem as it is somewhat loud. It won't chase you out of the car with heat, but provides some warmth in the foot wells. Dynamatt insulation on floor, on doors, and fire wall helps!

As I understand it, the TF has a somewhat more robust generator than the TD that may be a concern. I have had no issues running both heater & lights at night. (i.e. my lights di not "dim" when heater engaged). My generator was rebuilt by a local shop and is possibly "beefed up" a little?

I purchased the unit at a truck stop (on the way home one cold night with the wife). Can get some pic's and see if there is a name/model number on it later today when I get to the garage if that would help.
David Sheward TF1500 #7427

David - don't bother checking yours, assuming I buy one there are a number of very cheap options on ebay.
Bud, yes the thought of sitting around a 150 watt bulb doesn't sound too good! I think I'll give it a try though (we only usually go out daytimes anyway)- if it doesn't work it can have a nice home in the pile of other stuff that doesn't quite work!
..... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

A small fleece blanket helps keep the warm directed to the wife ....actually works pretty well.
I like the idea that I can move it easily to get to tranny dip stick. I use the "fan only" all the time in the summer, make sure you get one that let's you do that with no heat!
David Sheward TF1500 #7427

David, so I can assume you have little experience with the Northern Irish summer weather!! If it ever got hot enough here to need a cool fan - well ..... !
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

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