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MG TD TF 1500 - Questionable Ebay listings.

I occasionally cruise the T listings on Ebay.

Nice photo gallery. I guess that if someone doesn't spot the motor, no need to point it out?

Or this one:

If you look at the scuttle/dash shot you can see that the entire body tub has been crushed. A big fix.

Buyer beware!
M A Cove

I agree with the first one...curious to know what is under the bonnet since the gear shift lever is not exactly T-type.
Gene Gillam

Any guess on engine & tranny?
I wrote and ask...let yo know if I get an answer.
Can't believe I'm the first to ask.
Scarry that seller does not inclue that information in the ad.
If a tree falls on your MG and nobody is there to hear it ...does it still make a noise?
David Sheward

Typical dealer scam, starting with "Beverly Hills Car Club" - it ain't!
8800 miles and it needed a rebuilt gearbox?
116 pics at least by my count and you say there is none of the engine? My dialup would take two weeks to download them, so I didn't.
I see a lot of this from dealers - interior shots at 0.5 degree increments, none of under hood or underneath. I just ignore them and go on.

The second one -"The hood and the passengers side door have dents that need to be addressed, but nothing major." other than the buckled rad shell, and probably the rad too, and the fact that the entire car is a couple of inches lower (that would be "thinner") than it ought to be. Seems you'd at least say your house fell on it!

FR Millmore

There are pix of the engine. Some sort of 4 banger with a big ol' holley? carb hanging on the side.
James Neel

Thank goodness my car (made 63 or so cars after this one) escaped the reptilian dashboard! After the last problem caused by evidently flaming an ebay car, all I will say is it is a real glaring omission not to mention the mystery engine. George
George Butz

I wonder if that might be a Volve conversion. The gearbox shifter reminds me of that installation but I forgot what the engine looked like.
Jim Merz

I am pretty sure the second one that looks like a house fell on it has been on ebay before.
Funny how if you watch ebay enough you see the same cars over and over again and seems like they are selling.
Richard Taylor

Engine pics near the end of the batch-looks like a Spit or 1500 midget engine and trans. Appears to have a 1 barrel Carter from a 6 cyl.Chev grafted on the intake - first time on that twist for me. Hope the buyer is aware and educated to what they are buying. Dan
Dan Craig

Isn't Volvo carb on the other side?
No answer to my inquiry yet.
David Sheward

I would make a bet the #2 hit a deer. That could explain the crunched hood and the broken windshield bracket. Deer flew up and landed on the hood. Have seen that happen at least 10 times on other cars.

#1 also appears to have a poorly done paint job. Not the cracking around the small ID plate picture. So where do I go to get the simulated alligator vinyl for my dash?
BEC Cunha

I wrote Beverly Hills and got this response:

"Please scroll down we have taken over 100 pictures of every part of the car. I think the engine is a 1500 engine."


Gene Gillam

Got an answer:
"The engine is a 1500 and unsure of the transmission.
- beverlyhillscarclub"

IMHO : Maybe an acceptable answer for a $1500.00 car...but not for one demanding much more than that.
David Sheward

Alligator dashboard yuk!

And no info on that engine... definitely a little less than honest... how can any dealer (and seller) not know what type of engine? I mean, we can't see the plates/ID numbers, but they can...
Geoff Baker

next question for seller:
"Are you saying it is an "MG XPEG 1500" engine or something else?
I stransmission a 4 speed or 5 speed?
Makes a big differance in what the car is worth to a serious collector."

Post answer when/if I get one.
David Sheward

I think anyone who comes across this kind of listing should immediately leave a question on ebay telling the seller it is clearly not original... that generally gets a pretty quick response... and it helps any of those potential buyers out there!
Geoff Baker

That is what I did...problem is the seller has a choice as to if they allow questions to be viewd by others.
Gene did the same...neither of our questions, or answers have been shared on the listing by the seller.
David Sheward

Engine is Triumph 1500, or maybe if we're "lucky" rubber bumper Midget 1500, but with strange carburation:
Willem vd Veer

I guess this Beverly Hills Car got bashed enough, but I got a laugh over here when I found the pictures taken under the car… The bottom of the clutch/brake pedal box is really hacked up as some one tried “the last resort” to replace shaft bushings, circlips and key !!!!

Steve Wincze

One can only hope the bidders know engine and tranny are not correct. I never got an answer to my last question to the seller.
IMHO, very deceptive not disclosing this information now that they know these are incorrect for the car. Looking at where the bidding is headed I doubt they (bidders)are aware of it.
What a shame.
David Sheward

It's really too bad you can't force ebay to post questions when deceptive methods are being used...
Geoff Baker

IMHO: Fee-bay doen't care about anything but fees anymore. Fee to list , fee to sell, fee to pay for, (paypal). And if you have a problem (as in not getting something you paid for) they charge a fee to "investagate" (in my case this has amounted to nothing more than a "form email" ...with no resolution or refund 3 times now).
Back in "the day", you could contact a buyer and warn them about shady you can't even tell who is biding on open invitation to for sellers to set up "fantom" accounts and bid their price up.
Craigslist is a better place to buy from now...sure there are some flakes and scammers...but better that at least you can deal localy and face to face most of the time.
David Sheward

I asked and they said Spitfire.


My frustration with the man from Beverly Hills is that he has posted an excellent suite of pictures giving a clear indication of what someone is buying. Now he can claim that he has made every effort to illustrate the condition of the car. In fact most of the car looks OK and I would certainly prefer it over a VW replica. The misguided attempt to install a sound system is there for all to see. The engine install is shoddy at best. Judging from the loose thermostat housing and kinked hose, I doubt it has run effectively since the engine went in? At 10K there is allot of work to get this car on the road even with the wrong engine. Yet some poor sap is bidding on it.

Now before I upset those with engine swaps please let me say this. I have a TD that was raced in the late fities and early sixties with a Volvo conversion. It is what it is, and it will stay that way. Yes it lowers the value of the car but the conversion is tidy and is part of the cars early history. If I sold it on ebay it would be listed as a Volvo/TD. Nuff said.

The second listing is just also a cheat. Again there appears to be a good car underneath but it was evidently heavily damaged and likely written off by an insurance company. Then it has sat outside for some time. Someone has paid pennies on the dollar for it and wants to make some money. True there is probably 6 to 7K in parts there but it need many more parts and a complete new tub. We all know that the tub is the daunting part of any TD restoration. If some poor bugger thinks he can just knock those dents out, this car will break his heart (and his wallet).

M A Cove

$7600 reserve not met for the 2nd one?

I paid less for a good running, undamaged TD.
jrn Northrup

Wonder what the reserve is on the MriumGh?
More than I would pay right now. $11350.00 thing that could happen for the bidder is that it won't hit reserve.(unless he knows what he's getting)
David Sheward

I forwarded some of your previous comments on the car and engine to the dealer in Beverly Hills. Here is the response I got today.
Dick Thomas

"Thank you so much for forwarding this to us. In regards, to the gentlemen who emailed us about the engine. We have had over 20 emails a day of people interested in what engine is in the car. It has been quite overwhelming. In regards to the engine we have found out that it is a Spitfire engine. Sorry for any confusion!

We have many photos of the car to show the full detail and any imperfections that the car might have. We have emailed all the highest bidders and let them know what engine is in the car. As, well as that we have added it to the our listing.

If the EBay Reserve is not met we are going to re-list the car with big bold letters pointing out the type of engine.

Thanks again for your email, any information or always appreciated.

Best regards,

Sales Department:
Beverly Hills Car Club Inc."
Dick Thomas

Kind of late...but nice to know we can make a differance!
Gut feeling ...should have taken the high bid...lot's of luck getting more with that set-up.

Maybe offer it next time with a t-shirt reading "I rather push my MG than drive a Triumph" on the front and "I rather push my Triumph than drive an MG" on the back!

I own both the MG ...push the Triumph...I need a shirt that says "I would rather drive my MG because I'm sick of pushing my Triumph"

David Sheward

The reserve was not met (what ever it was) and the listing has expired. Will be interesting to see if it is re-listed and how the listing is handled. While there is no official police power with this group (Lord knows) it's remarkable that you have the power of knowledge and interest to keep people somewhat honest when marketing T's. That is no small accomplishment. Congratulations!
With warm regards,
Dick Thomas
Dick Thomas

I also contacted the seller twice & pointed out that it was not an original XPAG engine. I suggested that he be honest and at least say it's not the original engine, if he couldn't ID it.
I see now that it's been relisted and now he does (in normal size letters) say it's a Spitfire engine.
A W Parker

Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe that the jack pictured is the original as stated in the ad. I know, picky picky.

James Neel

When time is available, could one of you knowledgable guys tell me about this car. I have VERY little technical knowledge which the following comments and qustions will more than prove.
When looking at the right side of the engine I see no air cleaner, no SU's but a big throat of a carb with strange fuel lines going to it.
There is a big fan on the radiator which I've never seen before(certainly not on my TD) and oversized hoses from it.
On the left side I see a strange generator, weird wiring to the radiator and a jack which is not origional (thanks Jim).
Under are rubber boots on the steering conections which seem strange.
The speakers in the rear would seem to make it impossibe to store the side curtains.
Would one of you be willing to try to read the mind of the previous owner in terms of what was she trying to accomplish.
Dick Thomas
Dick Thomas

Dick ,
If you read the whole thread you will notice that the original engine was replaced by a Triumph 1500 engine.

The PO probably tried to accomplish a driving car with minimal money invested. An XPAG engine is $$$$ a 1500 Triumph depends on the weight and current price for scrap?
Willem vd Veer

Don't be too hard on us previous Triumph owners. Back in 1962 I sold my '53 TD and my '57 Magnette to buy a new TR3b to take with us to Italy. It acted as our only car for six years. We toured most of Western Europe in it and all in all never had one bit of trouble. I remember selling it to a young lad who shared our rented garage in Milano. Often wonder if it still exists. I essentually traded it for a SL250 for which I took title at the factory in Stuttgart to bring back here.
Warm regards,
Dick Thomas
Dick Thomas


<<Don't be too hard on us previous Triumph owners.>> I'm sorry; it's my upbringing. In my MG-family only saying the "T-word" was enough to get punished. ;-)

The TR3 probably was the better car in it's day, but do't tell my father I said that.

The eBay car could also have been fitted with Nissan, Volvo or MGB power. They fall in the same "scrap"league when compared to the silly prices asked for good XPAG's?
Willem vd Veer

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