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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator

Need to pull the radiator because of a small leak.


1. How big a job?
2. Is there anything I should do or have on hand while I am in there?
3. Any experiences fixing old radiators?


JWP Policastro

TD or TF?
George Butz

As long as it is out, you might want to have a good look at the water pump,,, especially if it is a TF,,, It's a whole lot easier to change with te rad out!!!!!!!


Also check the pump pully for cracks,,,,


Joe - it's an awkward job, but easily do-able.
Bonnet off
Drain cooling system
Radiator stays
headlight bracket bolts
From the front, get a wrench in between the steering rack and the radiator mount. Should be double-nutted, but often isn't.
A flat at a time (very short throw), remnove the nut(s) as far as you can.
Lift the radiator, block it, and remove the nuts the rest of the way
Separate the radiator from the headlight brackets
Lift off
Flush engine while you can!
Check for leaking core plugs, then pull engine to replace all, including the one at the rear of the block (use my brass ones)
Remove the distributor and send it to Jeff Schlemmer to be overhauled, and to avoid overheating problems associated with timing.

Replace the radiator rubbers and nuts, hoses, engine mount, engine steady rubbers, fan belt, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap o-ring, etc., AS NEEDED

Re-assemble in reverse order, as the manual says...

LOL Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Thanks to all. I will get to it hopefully in a week.

JWP Policastro

Joe, if you need to get into core you may know the operative word is CLEAN...good flux, use an iron rather than a torch. Good luck. Regards, Tom
tm peterson

When you're ready to refit the top hose Joe it's not a bad idea to temporarily fit a "panty hose" filter to protect your "new" rad. You can remove it after you've satisfied yourself that no more gunk is finding its way from the block. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

As far as the radiator, find and old radiator shop, or a new shop with an old guy. If the core is original, it will likely need to be boiled and cleaned. A shop can clean it, pressure test it, and really check it over. Yes, you can solder and fix just one small leak, but due to the time and effort to remove, I think best to do the job once. My original core eventually was not repairable and rotten and had to be replaced. BTW, I like Tom's list. That could lead to total restoration of course! But definitely check over/ change any and everything that is exposed with it out. George
George Butz

Well if its only a small leak and everything works OK and it's not overheating:

Try SilverSolder or Alumisolder.

Its basically a powered metal you dump into your cooling system and it plugs any small leaks like you find in a core crack. I ran it for years before I eventually had to re-core my radiator.

You can get it at your local auto parts store.
Chris Couper

i have never been a fan of pour in leak stop..i could never figure out how the stuff knew the difference between a crack or a small passage in the cooling system. regards, tom
tm peterson

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