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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator Adjustment?

May seem like an odd question, but....

We are about to do some long awaited work on the TD. In addition to replacing the front engine mount, and front springs, I'd like to determine why my radiator is not perfectly vertical when viewed from the front. It is slightly tilted to the right. All bonnet panels fit fine, so I am baffled why this is so.

My mechanic neighbor who greatly assisted me in working on the TD in the past few years said the car at some point in its life took a hit in the right front. I don't doubt it, but I can't confirm it. So my question is, is there any room in the mounting holes to shift the bottom of the radiator to get it vertical. From the Moss exploded view all I can see is the small mounting holes, so I don't see how this is possible. So I have to ask, is there any wiggle room at the bottom? Thanks in advance for any answers.
L Karpman

Hi Larry, maybe set the car on a level surface with tyres inflated equally & measure the distance from the floor to the chassis rails near the radiator. This would give you some idea of the cause i.e. if the chassis is out of whack. You could introduce an error to correct an error by shimming under the low one of the two radiator mounting points on the radiator cross member. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Seems like you are talking two different things, Shifting the rad will move it to one side, but not change the vertical setting. I think Peter is right about adding shims to one side to make it move vertical. I had to do that to ours.

SPW Wincze

I shimmed mine as well. I used a large fender washer (only needed one) and cut a slot in it to accept the radiator bolt.

TW Burchfield

These cars were prone to twisted chassis. A clue should be when the manufacture put a frame straightening technique in the manual. My frame was twisted and I used their instructions on straightening it and checking it for alignment. It is now perfect. Another thing to check is the front coil springs, that they are seated properly up in the top where the aligning cup is, I had one spring hanging up on one side of the right cup and caused the frame to be 1/2 inch higher in the front on that side. Fixed it and all is well. PJ
Paul Jennings

Thanks guys. Seems like shimming is the way to go. I'll have a better idea when the springs are changed, as I'm pretty sure the right spring is compressed more than the left.
L Karpman

Larry, there are 2 large rubber spacers that go around each radiator mounting post, one above and one below the mount. If one of the upper ones is missing I think that it could cause this effect. Bud
Bud Krueger

The whole front of the car is sort of adjustable. If you raise one side of the radiator, you will need to loosen the wing tie bar bolts (from the bar to the chrome bracket) or the wing will be raised up too. Most components can be loosened and things jiggered around. Technically measuring from a flat floor best, but eyeballing works well too. Good suggestions from all above .
George Butz

Thanks Bud. I ordered the Moss part# 281-648 Support Set, Radiator Mount. I assume the rubber spacers you mentioned are included as it is listed in two places in the Moss catalog under MGTD Chassis and MGTD Rubber.
L Karpman

George: Not sure which part you are referring to when you say, "wing tie bar bolts." Got a part # or reference?
L Karpman

Make sure that the rubber spacers have a steel retaining ring around the outside.


I had this problem. My grill shell was slanted. My radiator was bent, and it took a surprising amount of force to bend it back.
Be well,
D. Sander

I meant the metal strap that is bolted to the radiator, where the chrome extension bolts on that goes to the headlight mount bar. Loosening the two bolts to the chrome piece allows some adjustment. George
George Butz

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