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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator Braces

My late TD (TD25009) has a brace from the radiator resevoir to the firewall on the left (distributor) side shown in this image. There is not one on the right (carburettor) side (nest imnage) and it looks like the carburettors (or at least the L&N air cleaners) would interfere with installing one. Is there supposed to be a brace on the right side?

Also, just a bit of esoterica - I have a nice MOWOG oil dipstick witha pretty MG logo on the top but it says engine 22005 (or something like that, I forgot to write it down). Anyway, on a 100 point car (I'm not aiming for that, just wondering) is the number on the dipstick supposed to match the car's engine number (in my case, XPAG/TD2/25404)?


J K Chapin

Right side - no radiator brace

J K Chapin

My TD 11973 does have a brace on the right side. If you look, the bracket attachment points are there in the photos.
My right side brace has a slight bend just below the front carburetor for clearance.

RwB Brown

Sorry, wrong photo.

RwB Brown

Hi Jud

I have pancake airfilters. The radiator brace has been bent slightly to fit between the air filter and the carbs. Matt

Matt Davis

Many cars have the right brace bent to clear the carburetors. Moss #451-700, 2 required.

I looked at my dipstick. It says engine 24407, but I have no idea what the significance is. My engine no. is 23352. Engine and dipstick are original to the car.

J.W. Olson

My dipstick has "engine" 24407 on it, which matches the factory parts book part # for all TD dipsticks. So it does not match the engine #. I don't have a TC or TF parts book- could yours be from one of those cars? George
George Butz

Mea Culpa (and I'm supposed to be atrained engineer who knows the difference between accuracy and precision). never guess when you can count that horse's teeth. Mine also says "24407 ENGINE" so maybe they are all the same. next image is the top.

J K Chapin

The top of my dipstick

J K Chapin

I believe 24407 is the part number.
MOWOG according to sages past means MOrrisWOlseleyGarage.

Merry Christmas,
Jim Neel TD28423

I also have the pancake air filters and the rod on the right side is slightly bent to make space.

My dipstick looks the same on top, cannot check the number at the moment, though

Mike Fritsch

I always attribute MOWOG to MOrris WOlseley mG, just as the X series engine was XPAM for Morris installations, XPAW for WOlseley, and XPAG when in an MG, because the M was already used.

Dave Braun

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