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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator pressure cap

Hello Gents, I have now reinstalled the radiator in my TF after having the top and bottom tanks removed and cleaned and all the cores cleared by wire rod etc and replacing the water pump with a reco from the local mg specialists in Melbourne and after my initial run, had an overflow of coolant at the cap. The overflow ocurred in both the overflow tube and from under the cap (I guess outer cap seal to radiator mouth) I have a 7lb cap replaced about a year ago. It could be just the fact I filled the radiator too much or a dud cap, don't really know, but looking for suggestions please.
Anyone using a higher rating cap, say 10 or 13lb? I am not sure about doing this as it may well put too much pressure in the rest of the system.
Any thoughts or experience please.

Regards Ian
I Denton

Ian, the TF has a deeper neck than later mass produced autos. Make sure you don't have a cap designed for the shorter necks. I beleive the manual calls for a 4 lb cap which is what I have. Higher pressures will obviously expose any weakness you might have in the system.


You do need a deeper radiator cap on both the TF and MGA, but I donít think that 7 lbs. is too much for either car. Now that youíre beginning to get the warm weather you might want the extra pressure.
David werblow

Thanks for the info. I did not know radiator caps came in short and long (a bit like shorts eh!!!). I just bought an off the shelf cap at an auto store. Can anyone give me the actual length of a real cap, say from the top of the cap to a surface that the base is resting on please. I think you may have found my problem, many thanks.

I see Moss has two caps one 4 lbs and the second is 7 lbs, but as it takes quite a while to get it from the USA, I will try to get the correct length locally first.

Thanks and Regards Ian
I Denton

Ian I don't know the length but any "good" auto parts store should have them. I got mine at a NAPA store locally. Sorry I don't know what the equvilent would be down under. Talk to the "old school" mate when you go in. He should know what you are talking about.


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