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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator Shell Gap

Well I have pretty much given up trying to fix the lopsided gap in my radiator shell. I am pretty sure its always been this way but I was thinking it might have gotten messed up during a radiator recore. Nothing looked out of place though.

I was going over the pictures Dave S sent me of the SSG TD Survivor and low and behold, its has the same problem. So there are at least two of us.

Notice the gap difference at the bottom of the radiator shell where it meets the front splash pan. And for what its worth my gap is about the same and also on the same sides.

Christopher Couper

Hi Chris,

On a slightly different tack,but on the same theme,did you know with TF Front Guards(wings),the light nacelle panel on one wing was set by the Factory closer to the wing flange compare to the other! Yes! It's a fact.

Also,the shape of each front wing on their frontal curvature is slightly different as well.

Still love them!

Rob Grantham

I have one headlight bucket significantly higher on one side relative to the ground than the other when the frame is leveled. Took me 10 years of ownership to notice that...sigh...

Regards, tom
tm peterson

OK. I guess only a few people have perfect cars. I will still take good care of mine and love it :-)
Christopher Couper

Your correct Rob also the distance from the bonnet side panel across the back of the headlamp nacelle (where it disappears into the wing)down to the wired edge is different LH to RH, also the gap to the side panel is different LH to RH. It is not a small amount either, Ill let you check it out.

Years ago we made 4 pair of front wings for a Sydney MG dealer. I thought I would correct the anomalies as described above and we made them mirror imaged.

Well he was not at all pleased as we had taken away the originality of one side.

Unless you measure no one would ever know, but you can see the difference looking from the front.

The angle of the headlamp flange was not always square to the grille as well. We have often corrected these as today the restorer is blamed for ill fitting parts, just like the wing edge to the running board miss match.

As you say we still love em

Rod Brayshaw

My 55s frame is perfectly straight, but the right side over the coil spring is 1/4 inch higher than the left. Every part has been disassembled and measured, even frame thickness and all came out the same as the left side. No twist in the frame now, as there was a little twist in the rear section which I corrected. When all went back together, you guessed it,the 1/4 inch difference came back! It's not noticeable with the sheet metal back on. So I resolved myself to except this little deformity as my cars signature of difference, even though every time I walk by the car, I kinda give it a second look trying to figure out why, probably never will! Just makes it kinda special. Grin. PJ
Paul S Jennings

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