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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator stay bar

My TD came to me with a Judson supercharger and as such the stay bar on that side was removed. Has anyone with a similar setup had any problems with this setup? Has anyone reconfigured a stay bar to go around a supercharger?
Mort TD 1851

Mort - I had no vibration or radiator problems in the 70s when I ran a Judson without the right stay rod, but see no reason why you could not rig up a longer one to go around the Judson, as long as it does not rub on the inside of the bonnet.

t lange

Mort, I have a Marshall Nordec on my TD and I didnt want to take a chance with radiator vibrations. I fabricated one longer rod by welding two old rods together. I found a sketch giving me the idea and took it from there. The firewall bracket was homemade from some scrap sheet metal and was easy to make.
I have a photo of the finished product if you need it.

Jim Merz

Jim Merz,
I would very much appreciate a photo.
Mort TD 1851

Photo shows the bar but not the bracket at the firewall end. I used the threaded end of the two bars that were welded together for adjustment purposes. Also, there is an eyeballed slight bend in the bar to clear the hood side and supercharger.

Jim Merz

For years, our '51 has had a Magnacharger with no bracket and there's been no fit or function problem.

BUT, on our '50 with Marshall, I've fabbed a simple bracket and bent the original rod to fit, in a much sturdier location, the crossbar between headlamp brackets. It makes more sense to anchor to a structural member rather than radiator tin.

Jim Northrup

Jim Merz;
Wow! What a glorious engine compartment! I would love to have that set-up in my TF some day.
Very cool!!!

'54 TF
Tom Norby

When I ran my Judson, I just moved the stay down a little.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

My TD did not have a SC, but it had odd aftermarket air cleaners. It had the rod attached to the radiator support near were Jims is located, but it was just the top bracket removed and then bolted to the side of the radiator shroud a little to the right of where jims is.

It works really well
Bruce Cunha

Jim Merz, What is the color of your car? I love that color! Looks like it's from a Mercedes. PJ
P Jennings

PJ, my car was originally silverstreak grey but I was unable to duplicate it. I picked a Metallic Pewter color laquer as used on Corvettes and Cadillacs. I have long since forgotten the year but the color probably was used in the 1970s.

Jim Merz

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