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MG TD TF 1500 - Radio Question

OK, no jokes about rap, disco, the generator not producing enough power, etc. I was looking at an old English radio the other day--it receives stations on bands called "MW" and "LW." Dial reads from 200 to 500 and from 1000 to 2000. Assuming that I can get this radio to work, does anyone know whether either band translates into AM or FM? Thanks.

Long Wave and Medium Wave probably date back to pre-FM. What the Brits called Long Wave ends just below our AM band. You might get something around 550 Kc at the upper limit. The Medium Wave sounds like it covers the upper end of our AM band from 1000 Kc to 1600 Kc. Fun to play with but probably not what you want for general listening.

Safety Fast!

Jim Haskins

1953 MG TD
J. M. Haskins

Jim has it right. The MW band will pick up US stations between 1000 and 1600 on the AM band.

It may be possible to have a professional slightly detune the radio, however, to pick up most AM band stations. I had a Radiomobile radio in my MGA to which this had been done with good success.

Lew Palmer
Lew Palmer

Bet if you get it working and turn it will get "Vera Lynn"

(i always think taking pictures with an old Kodak Brownie...the leather covered type... will get you those really nice old photos)....
gordon lawson - TD 27667

>>>Bet if you get it working and turn it will get "Vera Lynn"<<<
...............or Victor Sylvester....8^)
Had a period Philips radio in my MGA once. Impossible to listen to while driving, but a nice period accessory of course.
Good idea about that Kodak Brownie Gordon !!! I also have one hidden somewhere. Wonder if you can still buy films for such an antique piece of equipment with al these "megapixel" machines around today.
Nick, 52TD/63midget.

Actually, the one I have takes "120" film (2 1/4x2 1/4 equivalent) and it is still available in all emulsions....(b&w/col). Have some in my fridge.
gordon lawson

AM stands for amplitude modulation whereby the the peaks and troughs of the carrier wave are arranged electronically to correspond to the sound being transmitted. With FM its the frequency that is modulated and the amplitude stays the same. Bottom line is an AM receiver won't pick up FM transmissions. There are firms in the UK that will ditch the insides of an old wireless and fit modern FM internals - don't know if the frequencies are the same as those in the US though.
J Targosz

Many of those older folding cameras used 620 film. The film is actually the same size as 120, but the spools are different. You can get the 620 film from some suppliers who have rewound the 120 onto the 620 spools.


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