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fellow TF owners, take a looksee at the mgtf section on E-bay. There is a black TF with a starting bid of......60 thousand! and oh yes theres also a reserve on the car. I Told the bride buying the TF was a sound investment! While a very presentable TF ( ground up restoration) I dont think our TFs will bring that kind of money in my humble life time......the wife however is out waxing the TF as we speak :)
jeff payne

This is kind of an old trick. Someone is probably trying to sell the car at an auction or a private sale. They are going to claim the value high since cars on ebay are going for $60k etc.

They used to do such things in LA all the time. A few weeks before a classic car auction you would see all sorts of ads for cars with inflated prices. The phones were never answered. Later you would just happen to see same class of car at an auction with an obviously inflated reserve price.

Chris Couper

I've heard all about "pumping up" prices on cars, artwork prior to auctions. Actually some people flush there own cars through auctions buy bidding on them and then buying them back. A few % given to the auctioneer might raise the value by 30%. Look at the ridiculous prices paid for cars at B-J and R-M.
Suckers are born every day.
colin stafford

Are you guys implying that a "clone" of a Shellby Mustang reasembling one in a movie might actually NOT be worth $250,000.00!? I wonder what will happen to the value of that gas station urinal I purchased at a Andy Warhole Auction in NY in the early 1980's for $750,000.00 should the general public ever "wake-up" to this pratice! Damnitall ....there's goes my retirement fund! Looks like I may be doomed to living out my last years in St. Petersburg FL. Trailer Park in my TF........Anybody know the "correct" instalation proceedure for a urinal in a TF to still be elligable for concoures events?
Cheers & Best Regards,
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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