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MG TD TF 1500 - Really tough restoration candidate...

I almost cried when I looked at this one.

D. A. Braun

Wonder what this will bring. Seems a shame but with no motor and much of anything else this may be a Parts Car, and not much at that.

Yes, it does have the passenger foot rest so many cars are missing...
D. A. Braun

It has maybe 4 good fenders, a frame and other misc parts and is close to me but then there is my marriage to think about.

John Redman

Maybe it's good to have a look around there !!! As you can see on the photos he also has a Frogeye Sprite. Who knows what hidden treasures there are ???
Surely someone must have some use for this derelict rolling chassis. Maybe to build a wonderful single seat racer??? Or a replica of that famous George Phillips Le Mans race car UMG400???
Cheers, Nick 52TD/63midget.
D.G.J. Herwegh

Man, what a challenge this would be to restore!!!
R. Challberg

GO THE THE THREAD "At least they are honest" for more about this E Bay offer
Steve Wincze

So this begs the question... what would be the minimum a person could start a MG restoration with... I personally would want the frame, engine and wings.

(I was going to tongue in cheek say "an 8x1mm bolt")

D. A. Braun


I would say a good sense of humor and a lot of patience!

Evan Ford - TD 27621

Chassis might be usable.

Given the weatherworn state of those panels... imho probably easier to build a new set from sheet aluminium.

......"So this begs the question... what would be the minimum a person could start a MG restoration with... "

About $10,000 and a good line of credit.

D F Sexton

Think i have seen some restorations from cars about that state...and after its done, a nice running example for half the restoration costs is always found?
Hey... its what sets us apart from lower forms !!!!!
...."but honey...its an MG...."

"what would be the minimum a person could start a MG restoration with"

A: a Moss catalog, a very phatt checkbook, and a simple phone call to the order line... "one of everything"!

I must be getting old ...hard to choke back the tears from that 1st photo...poor lil' darlin'!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I think I started with the Moss catalog and a bag of money. I didn't realize the bag needed to be so deep and hold so much. You can see what I started with at the following link. Hopfully the paint and engine start this summer.


D Runnings

OK, you all had better answers (and certainly more witty) than I came up with on the minimum to restore an MG. Dave Runnings, I like your webshots. I bookedmarked them so I could revisit them when I start putting my car together. You certainly started with less than I did! Congratulations on a good looking TD! Nice work

D. A. Braun

Nice photo's of before/after.
How did you create the nice home page?
I upload the photo's of my 52TD as I go along, also using Webshots
but my home page is not cool like yours.
What's the secret?
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer


No secret, maybe just a more recent version of the webshots software?

D Runnings

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