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MG TD TF 1500 - Rear Brake Cylinders

I am replacing a rear brake cylinder with a Lockheed reproduction. As noted in earlier threads the replacements require some filing down to get the retention tang into the backing plate.My question how much to file. I have filed enough to get the cylinder secured top and bottom of the backing plate, but it is tight. Should there e enough play so that the cylinder itself will travel up and down when activated or is tight into the backing plate apporpiate so that there is only travel of the piston (top). I would think it should shift on the plate to allow equal displacement of both the top and bottom shoes. I'll await expert direction before I shave down any more of the rather expensive cylinder. Thanks once again for your indulgence of a newbie
Jon Levine

Jon - You are correct in assuming that the cylinder should be able to shift in the slot since the single cylinder has to push both shoes out. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Jon, it needs to slide freely. The only filing I had to do was to get it to pop into the hole in the plate, then it was free. Check to make sure the edge of the plate hole isn't bent or warped, and for any casting gunk in the slot in the cylinder. George
George Butz

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