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MG TD TF 1500 - Rear end gears visual in action

Not a "T" car but British. Club member had to replace the bearings in his Spitfire differential. Made a nice little video so you can see whats going on.

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MG LaVerne

Someone said if you take the "s" off the end of the "http" it makes the link clickable. Let's see if that works:
efh Haskell

Well, that link fix trick worked!

This brings up questions. I am obviously not educated in these concepts. Is what Calvin showing "posi-traction"? He's showing the RR tire slowing down (i.e. on ice, mud, etc.) with his hand and the LR speeds up. If he slowed the LR down would the RR do the same? And does a T car have this feature or not? All I remember (from high school) is that if your car had "posi" you could lay 2 strips of rubber, not just one!
efh Haskell

Yes Ed, it will do the same.The T has only an ordinary differential not a Posi or limited slip diff. If you put one wheel on the ice it will not drive out.
I was once asked to check a Mini(old type) which was hard to steer and wearing out tyres. I found that a PO had welded the gears together, it nearly broke my thumbs when I drove off with some lock on.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

It is not positive traction Ed. When a car is traveling in a straight line both wheels are turning at the same speed and the planetary gears remain stationary. He demonstraits what happens when you turn a corner.. By holding or slowing down one of the tires in his video you can see the planetary gears go into action which allow you to go around a corner without skidding the outside tire. The sacrifice to this system is that when you are on ..say ice...when one wheel breaks loose and spins on the ice...the other wheel will not spin to help you gain traction. A positive traction arrangement will have a clutch affair incorporated into the gearing to still allow you to get around the corner but also allow both wheels to spin should one lose traction. In order to make both wheels spin in disregard of any cornering, old school drag racers would just weld the spider gears up.
MG LaVerne

I have the rear diff in my road racing midget welded up. Cheap way to get positraction without buying a limit slip. Works OK in a small car with a fairly narrow wheelbase.

Makes it a bitch to push around the paddock, though!

Kinda hard on halfshafts, too. I have to run expensive racing halfshafts.
David Littlefield

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