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MG TD TF 1500 - rear sway bar

I am wanting to fit a sway bar to the rear end of a TF. Can anybody help me with any information. Fitted one to the front which was a great improvement but now she tends to
'cock the leg' at the back.

I would also be interested if anyone has done it before?

Hi. I fitted a front sway bar, 20mm thick because the rear inside wheel kept lifting on the track. Since then, that hasn't been a problem, even cornering on the limit. If your bar is less than 20mm, I'd recommend going up to that diameter before thinking about a rear bar. About five of us have this fit locally: an unexpected bonus is that passengers are much more comfortable on the road, with less lean.

Dave Provan,

1955 mgtf 1500 (with 1250 motor) and 1974 midget 1275
VWP Pina

And a bar on the back will make it pee higher up the pole! Not what you want at all.

FR Millmore

Check out this rear anti-sway bar kit on ebay for an MGA.

I have been looking at the rear sway bar on that hopped up V8 TD on ebay and was wondering if this kit would bolt up to a TD.


R Taylor

When I was restoring my MGA about twenty yeare ago, I put ADDCO sway bars on front and rear. A couple years later I removed the rear bar when I installed new springs, never put the bar back on. I've been quite satisfiead with the handling with the front bar only. I did install front bars on both TDs, also. Marvin
Marvin Stuart


I do not understand what 'will make it pee higher up the pole!' means. Is this a US expression?


David Tinker

Means its going to lift the rear wheel higher (like a dog pissing on a pole).
Gene Gillam

Gene has it.
Note the error in the original post: "but now she tends to'cock the leg' at the back" - but "she" dogs don't do that!

FR Millmore


I did as fair bit of research on this a few years ago, and I came to the conclusion that an MGB front swaybar would decrease final oversteer and make the car much more neutral at the limit. However, it appears that the installation of a rear swaybar would only create too much rear roll stiffness and reintroduce final oversteer. It's for that reason that installed only a small front MGB swaybar with MGB springpans.

I did, however, install Konis on the back that are adjustable for both jounce and rebound, and while they don't change the roll stiffness, they do make the car more stable in quick transitions. You may want to thing about that as a modification.

Dave Jorgensen

....thank you.... will tick that one off my 'thought about' list..... and yes, the front sway bar makes all the difference in handling....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I have a ADCO rear sway bar for sale.
Len Fanelli

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