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MG TD TF 1500 - Rear Wheel Cylinder

Just about to start putting the brakes back together on Dad's TD. Should I put any type of lube on the rear wheel cylinders where they slide on the backing plate or leave it dry?



S Grimm

I make sure the wheel cylinders slide smoothly in the backing plate - many of the repops are too tight in the slot - and then I use a small amount of moly grease. I also put a small dab at top and bottom at the peak of the little triangle on the backing plate) where the brake shoes rub.

This is also a good time to lubricate the handbrake cables, and check the overall condition of the brake lines - they DO rust.. And while you have things apart, check the front wheel cylinders to be sure they are all 4 moving freely.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Thanks Tom

I just got back all 6 wheel cylinders and the master cylinder from White Post Restorations as well as one set of shoes. All sleeved and ready to go. The brakes are completely disassembled. I'm just waiting for the other set of shoes to come back from relining. I thought that I could just clean that set up but after a week or so they started to weep goo so off to White Post for relining.

Looks like they forgot to taper the shoes. Can I just use a belt sander and lightly taper the ends? Should only take a couple of seconds each.

I think that the wheel cylinders are the original type and they do slide freely. There is a hump in the middle of the back plate where they slide. It looks like it is supposed to be that way.

Brake lines look good. What is the best way to lube the handbrake cable? My old MGB had a fitting for that.

One other thing. I was planning on using some red rubber grease on the wheel cylinder pistons to try to slow any corrosion but the local Autozone and Advance Auto do not list it on their web sites. Is it called something else? I would like to know what I am talking about when I go in to the store.


S Grimm

"Can I just use a belt sander and lightly taper the ends?"
Using sandpaper on the linings is not recommended because some grains may stick to the linings and lead to noise in the brakes. Using a file is better.

Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

I use Dot 4 Silicone fluid, so far no sign of any corrosion. Also no danger of the fluid stripping paint if you should spill some. Biggest drawback in the price but cheaper than new cylinders. You can only fill a new system, draining out the old fluid and filling with silicone is a big no no apparently.
Cliff Harvey

Cliff, I think you'll find that DOT 4 is not a silicon fluid. DOT 4 is glycol based, as is Dot5.1 Dot5 is the silicon based fluid
See Bud
Bud Krueger

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