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MG TD TF 1500 - Rectangular Tail Lights

This car offered on Bring a Trailer is referred to as a 1953.

My TD was, according to the T Register records, was built on 11 February 1953.

My tail lights are round, the BaT tail lights are rectangular.

My wiper motor is in the middle, the BaT motor is on the right side.

My headlight cans are chrome, the BaT headlight cans are painted.

My car number is TD25009, the BaT number is TD19898.

Did Abingdon produce 5,000 cars in January, 1953?

Just curious.

J. K. Chapin

TD 19898 build date is Sept 52 on the register
Ray Lee

Jud, you have to keep in mind that the factory did not assign model years to cars of our vintages, only Models.
Generally speaking, our Motor Vehicle Registries tended to assign a Model Year to match the calendar year of the car's first registration. It's not uncommon for a TD that came off of the assembly line in September would not be sold/registered until the following January.
Lazarus, my car, TD10855, was produced on 9 October 1951. and has been/is registered as a 1952. The T-Register Factory Production Records show TD19898 as having a birthday of 16 Sept 1952. Bud
Bud Krueger

This is a transition car. My car is one. Read the first part of this:

You will also find this car has 53 round fenders too.
Christopher Couper

Thanks Chris and Bud. I drove my first TD (my uncle's) in 1959 when I was 14 and fell in love but it was not until 53 years later that my TD came to me. I've loved driving my TD every day since.

J. K. Chapin

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