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MG TD TF 1500 - Red color for radiator slats

I'm repainting my TD radiator slats to match my new red leather interior from Moss. Does anyone have this paint code information? I can always ask the body shop to custom mix but I thought if I had a formula/code it would eliminate the guess work. Thanks in advance.
B Sieling

Bryan, if the car's red, use that color. The color matching of the radiator slats and interior is a generalization, not a spectroscopic rigidity.
Bud Krueger

I'm having the paint shop just match as close as possible visually to a scrap of the red vinyl interior. I thought if there was a paint code I could give them, all the better. Fortunately, since the slats and the interior are never actually next to one another, there's a little leeway in getting a visual match. Thanks,
B Sieling

My TD is black with red interior and red radiator slats. Many people like it and it is original, however I am thinking seriously about changing the slats to body color (black) or chrome.
D F Sexton


When I got my car, the car was black and the slats black (as well as the interior) I thought it was way too much black, and changed the slats to red immediately. I thought that change alone made a great deal of difference - though I did have the occassional concours-type inform me that that this was not correct - slats should match interior (the same guy told me that TDs never had chrome headlight buckets, which mine has - wrong). Never mind that the black interior was not correct. Who cares. Anyway, I changed the interior to red a couple of years ago, and love the contrast.

IMHO leave the slats red, though you can always go back if you don't like the black (unless you chrome them, then, of course, the concours-types will correct you because it's not a Mark II). Who cares.

Have fun.

Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson

Larry, thanks for your thoughts.
Maybe it's just too many colors on mine -- black, red slats, silver wheels, beige/white side curtains and top, with the red interior screaming out. And I can't bring myself to paint the inserts on the hubcaps red.

D F Sexton


If you paint the grill black, you'll have to get that dog matching antlers!

Good luck,
Evan Ford - TD 27621

I had my slats chromed, and it fits its almond green color and tan interior well.

Denis L. Baggi

I had my slats chrome plated too ala the Mark II. Although not original, I no longer have to be concerned with chipped paint or rusting. I really makes the front of the car look great. Obviously, I'm not a total purist but I do try to stay within the factory "boundaries" when possible.
Jim Merz

I dare say Old Chap the 'Factory' had no boundaries. what ever worked was fine. What ever fit was fine.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Check out:
Niels-Erik Constantin Hansen

The only way to finish the slats is powder coating to match your upholstery. Inexpensive and the finish and durability are first class. Only time I would chroime the slats is if I had covered my seats with baco foil

Jan T
J Targosz

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