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MG TD TF 1500 - Registration Paperwork on ebay

Bud Krueger- on ebay there is some original paperwork relative to 1952 MGTD #16965; Engine # 17188.
If this car is in your data base this may be of interest to the current owner.
Dallas Congleton

The TD list is George Merson's. I just display it on Ttalk. I'll bet that Gordon has added the numbers to his list. I'm sending a copy of your message to George in case he wants to add it.
Bud Krueger

I'll be suprised if he post my comments to him on this:
"It's obvious you are not part of the MG community. This should go to the owner of that car as part of it's history. To ask for $50 opening bid is shamefull. Sorry for you that you just don't get it."
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

David - semi-serious comments, with major tongue-in-cheek action: What planet did you come from? This last post is so different from your usual practical advice.

I don't understand why this sale seems so reprehensible to you. After all, the British Motor Heritage organization charges $50 for whatever records they can unearth for our later cars, but no one could ever claim that they're "not part of the MG community".

This seller is offering many registration certificates (perhaps he's a collector, instead of just a "dumpster diver"), and several are for British cars. Maybe we should all just be happy that he's offering them up for recovery, instead of feeding them into his pot-bellied stove to stay warm this winter.

And, while I don't think he'll get his VERY optimistic opening bids for these items, at least they're available if the original owner REALLY wants them.

But, on the practical side, fifty bucks will pretty much do an oil change and a tuneup <grin>. Best wishes - - Alec
Alec Darnall

Planet "cold, sore, & bitter" ..I am not a winter person!
Guess I should have looked closer. I saw a bunch of these on his auctions starting @ $9.95 (reasonable) ....I took offense that the "MG" one was $49.95 ..but I see some of the others are that high also. Personally if I came across documentation like this for somebodys MGT it would be on the way at no doubt because others from this site have been so "giving" and helpful to me over the years. I have made a lot of good friends over the years from this post and most MG owners seem to be such a nice lot...hate to see them taken advantage of.
I'll be better in the spring!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Wow, Dave, and it's only December...
Peter Whelan

There are a lot of other ways to re-register a car when applying for ownership...none quite as easy as buying "papers" off eBay (or at a wreckers, or in a back alley) but at least they would be legal. Registering with papers from another vehicle is not only wrong, but illegal... You get pulled over, or checked by someone "in the know" and they check your engine number and chassis number against the tags and i would think you would have some 'splainin to do. Of course, you could buy the papers, a new plaque and a set of stamps... then of course, you become a "car chop shop", also a bit illegal i think.
David is right...
gordon lawson - TD 27667

David - I'm glad you took no offense, because I certainly meant none. I happen to agree with you, in principle, especially regarding "found" items.

The biggest mystery - that we haven't heard anything back regarding - is whether this particular car still exists. Is it rusting in a field somewhere, buried in a barn, or wrecked and stripped for parts many years ago?

And I second your comments about the people on these forums. The MOST generous and helpful I've ever come across. Stay warm - - Alec
Alec Darnall

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