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MG TD TF 1500 - Replacement Dash Indicator Lights (LED)

I've checked the archives but have not determined if what I'm looking for is available. I would like to replace the three indicator bulbs with LEDs and need advice on what to use, my car is positive ground. The turn signal indicator bulb is so dim it can't be seen in the daylight.Is there a direct led bulb replacement? I don't want to modify the dash, if I have to do that I'll leave it as is. PJ

The alternative (and I think its a more useful solution) is to buy a cheap 12V buzzer (ebay) and connect in parallel with the dash light. It can be hidden up behind the dash. They usually seem to be rather louder than necessary, but can be wrapped until volume is just enough to be heard over the engine clatter.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Paul, you could look here:

TW Burchfield

Thanks Tim, I'll check with them later. I did order a buzzer, but will replace the bulbs as soon as I find the exact replacement in positive ground LEDs. I have to pull the under dash cover off to get to everything, I need to get to the speedometer also. Thanks for the link. PJ

I purchased positive ground dash bulbs from Joe Parlanti , . Fair price and minimal shipping cost. Moss also has them now but you know the cost issue esp. shipping cost. Moss does not recommend the bulbs for indicator lights but doesn't explain why. John

JR Mahone


I agree that LEDs are available and probably are a solution to your dim indicator. However, the standard bulb, when properly connected with a good ground (earths) throughout the system is easy to see. I might be just a troubleshooting job.


Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J M Haskins

Vweloce does make a LE for the Indicator lights.

I have them in My TF and am very pleased.


Rick, What is the difference between cool white and warm white? Which is brighter? PJ


Think of it like household light bulbs. The warmer the light the more yellow it is and the cooler the more white it is.

2700K pretty yellow
3000K less yellow more white
4600K to 5000K bright white or 'daylight'

The picture of the gauge on the right of the Veloce Solutions website is probably 'cool white'.

S Grimm

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