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MG TD TF 1500 - Repositioning a TF Engine

I'm part way through converting my TF to a Ford Type9 5 speed gear box using a kit from Andy King. As TF owners will know the front Vokes air cleaner is very close to the bonnet side and this is made worse when the engine is moved forwards slightly (necessary due to clearance issues with the Ford box). Andy advises that it is possible to tilt the engine a little by adjusting the stabiliser bar. I wonder if it would be possible to actually move the engine over, slightly to the left, by elongating the front mounting holes? I have checked my car and there is clearance around the dynamo and oil pump. Would say a 10m/m shift over to the left put too much strain on the universal joints?

Jan T
J Targosz

Might work on a RHD car but no way on a LHD. It would be into the steering shaft.
MG LaVerne

I don't own a TF, but wouldn't it be easier to reconfigure the air filters????


you can tilt the motor only by spacing up one side of the mount. If you use the stabiliser you will get vibrations.The stabiliser is meant to have no strain whatsoever as it is only required to handle driveline torque.
If you move the motor over it will make a negligible change to the U/J as the motor will pivot at the gearbox mount by only a slight amount.
You will also have to watch you do not strain the hoses and fittings on the rad.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

I don't own a TF, but wouldn't it be easier to reconfigure the air filters????


Steve, if the front air cleaner, which is on an angle, is modified by making it narrower so it could be moved a little further forward, I would assume the rear one would have to be done to match the air flow. There isn't much excess room between the front air cleaner and the side panel. On my car the front Volks air cleaner is only about 1/2 of an inch from the side panel! Allowing for torque and body movement, it's pretty close! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Hello Jan,

I did the T9 mod in my TF two years ago, and there was no need for modifying the filters or tilting the engine. Are you sure you really have a problem?

I did have a problem though with the oil pump just touching the steering column so that engine vibes were transmitted to the steering wheel. Solved that by sliding the new gearbox mounts a few degrees below horizontal on the frame cross member.


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

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