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MG TD TF 1500 - rev counter and speedometer

I am a new registered member I have read the threads on this site for a while. I bought a 54 TF 3-4 years ago. It has an MGB engine in which I am going to remove and replace with an XPAG engine and gearbox. The current concern is I can't locate the rev counter and speedometer that goes with the XPAG engine . I currently have the MGB rev counter and speedometer. I would be grateful if anyone has any to sell, working or a mess would be appreciated. Or if you know of anyone who has one they would be willing to part with . They car is currently in a lot of parts that I hope to reassemble in the next year or so finances and health allowing
R D Thompson

Keep looking on ebay internationally and for sale ads at the various clubs and internet sites.
Dave H
Dave Hill

R D,
If you know anybody going to the mg spares day in Stoneleigh on 19th February there is a good chance that someone could have them for sale. I won't be going otherwise I would have had a look for you.
D Burns

Welcome, R.D. One of ths forum's members, Hugh Pite, is a great source of parts for our cars. I'd suggest dropping him a line: jenntoo (at) Bud
Bud Krueger

R.D Thompson, I have a overhauled XPAG engine for sale if you are interested . Yes I am in Canada Creston BC
Contact me via email please,

Gerard Hengeveld

I have several sets of TF gauges. Please send me an email message if you are still looking. As you are probably aware TF gauges are not inexpensive.
Cheers, Hugh Sidney, B.C.
H.D. Pite

Thanks Gerald for the offer of an XPAG, I am in the process of rebuilding one, the job for the next few months I think. Thanks for all the responses I am thrilled with the responses a great help to a newbie, I am sure I will run into more problems as time goes on that I will look to pick brains to solve
R D Thompson

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