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MG TD TF 1500 - Reversing lamp

I was rumaging through the archives and came across several posts from 2008 about installing a reversing lamp on the TD. There were few pictures of the components to go on however. I have followed the sage advice in the archives and thought I'd post several pictures of the process. The first picture is of the Lucas #31542 switch that is needed. Moss still indicates they sell the later version with Lucar terminals, but I found one with screw terminals on eBay. More pictures to follow.

ACD Davis

The reversing switch mounts in an unused port on the transmission that has a threaded blanking plug in it and a machined surface for a gasket. Here it is installed and wires connected. Power is supplied from the hot side of the brakelight switch.

ACD Davis

Here is the transmission tunnel installed. The rearmost of the 2 round bump-outs gives extra clearence for the switch.

ACD Davis

here is the 494 Lucas reversing lamp.

ACD Davis

I really didn't want to drill a hole in the rear valance pan to mount the lamp, so I used a RHD license plate bracket arm (sourced from Brown and Gammons) and a simple 90-degree bracket (it was a Lucas bumper mounting bracket for a fog lamp, but easy to make yourself) to support the lamp and I will wire it similar to the license plate lamp on the left side, through the spare tire mount tubes. Here is a picture of the reversing lamp mpunted on the RHD license bracket arm. I've not gotten to the stage where I can mount it on the car yet, but I think it will look acceptable. Not that I expect to do a lot of night driving with my TD, but there is a certain amount of safety in warning other drivers when you intend to back up, day or night.

ACD Davis

Mr. Davis
My TF has a 494 lamp, mounted on the left side of the rear valance, for many years. The first owner fixed it, and wired it with a toggle switch near my right knee, on the dash under-cover. I have seen the lucas switch that can screw into the tranny, but I have been too lazy to wire it up properly. I've gotten into the habit of flipping the toggle by my right knee when I back up. I think it looks good on the rear, and certainly, as you say, adds safety to the reversing process.
Plus, I can "flash" tail gaitors.

'54 TF

Tom Norby

Question regarding floorboards and transmission covers

Look at the third image in this thread "Here is the transmission tunnel installed"

Does the transmission cover go on top of the floorboards (as shown) or does it go directly to the angle iron support? (with the floor boards on top of the transmission cover)
I looked in the archive and got confused from so many comments.

R.T. Walsh

Rick, it goes on top of the floorboards. The prop shaft cover mounts on the iron support.
Mike Hart (52 TD 16378)

Mine was installed on a flat bracket drilled for the bumper bolt..... the switch was already installed on the gearbox....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Here's mine..

Jasper L Nederhoed

I have a 949 on my TF also.
Mine is wired in much like Tom's.
Toggle switch under dash, (will only come on if my lights are on, the way I wired it).
I had it wired for a while so it would also work from the brake light circuit.
(In this picture I still had the red lens on it as extra brake lamp)
Like Tom, I like the idea of being able to use it as a "get-off-my-butt" warrning!
For a very brief period I had a landing light bulb in it from a Lear-Jet a friend gave me!
It was just slightly "taxing" as far as current draw on the electricial system. (Like would nearly kill the motor...didn't know that amp meter would "swing" that far to the minus!). A friendly policeman summed it up in simple terms after I lit up the by-pass one evening..."Ah, I don't ever want to see that it?"

Anybody have (or know where I can get) one of the little chrome screws that secure the cover? One of mine is AWOL!


David Sheward

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