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MG TD TF 1500 - Road blocks in the take apart stage...

I have three items hanging up removing my rear diff so I can send it off to John Twist. By Moss numbers...

Page 19 the RH rear shock absorber shock links (2)going to the shock link bracket (21) under the leaf spring won't break loose. It just spins its tiny head pressed into the bracket.

Page 25 the Axel shft nut (2) on the RH side won't come off. I heated it with propane torch, I put my air wrench on it, I know it is a RH thread fastner, the LH side came off with no problem.

Also on Page 25 I'm not sure how to remove the split collar (20) so I can withdraw the half shaft. Can I just whack the Bearing housing (16) with a hammer?

Otherwise it was an emotionally satisfying and wonderful day spent taking the front suspension and steering off the MG...

D. A. Braun

RH rear shock link removal. Use a thin nose vice grip to hole the tiny head.

Axel shaft nut on RH side. Try turning the other way, newer axles are LH threads.

Split collar removal. Drive a screwdrive tip into the slot to expand the collar.
Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks Dave!

But I can see the threads are RH, and that axel has been in my car since at least 1987. Perhaps reversing will knock it loose! I'll pick up a thin nose vise!

D. A. Braun

Regarding the shock link, leave it on the bracket!
Just undo the U-bolts on the axle, and the plate and link will be free of the axle.

On the axle: if you can't budge it, send it along to Twist with an explanation. I'll bet he can get it free.
Don Harmer

I hear what you are saying Don, I hadn't thought that far. My bushings are so rotten I would have to break it loose eventually, and after I read your suggestion, I figured having the piece on the frame still would make it easier to exert torque. Dave DuBois' idea of a needle nose vise grip was perfect. I wasn't even aware that they existed! Now that I have one, I can imagine many times I'll make use of it.

The axle is off the car (along with the springs) basically, except for the coil spring bracket inserts in the upper frame, the chassis is bare. And in my wildest dreams I can't think of a reason for removing those before blasting, priming and painting.

I will stop at Quality Coaches tomorrow and see what they say about the axle nut and the half shafts before we ship it to Twist. Much tidier that way!

Thanks all,
D. A. Braun

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