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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Rocky' comes out!

Well, after 12 1/2 months, frame off, Rocky is ready for the road! Hooray....
Anyway, wasn't a show car when I started, and still isn't , but I love the look. (and, hey, it's mine, right?).
The colors are Toreador red, and Kobalt blue...No metallic...Under most lighting the blue looks black, but it has a blue highlight outside.
Pictures aren't great...In fact I drove the car with the fuel-measure stick several miles...When I got home it was still where I left it.
Really enjoyed driving with the Brooklands windshield....
Reminded me of my motorcycle days...Now I need a "Rocky" helmet and goggles!
Love the Tourist Trophy exhaust note.
Got my defective fuel sender repaired and re-installed (had to drain 10 gallons of gas!), and got the stop lights working (required turning on the ignition...DOH!).

E.B. Wesson

Here's a rear shot...Look closely and see the fuel stick!

E.B. Wesson

Rocky looks great!!
Happy Motoring.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

Great job done, Edward.

Now have fun with Rocky but do everybody here one favour, please... take away these awful Hella covers from the driving lights :-)
I remember when Cibie started with this cowels in the early 70's and soon all other supliers copied them. I always felt bad seeing such misfits in those days. Whst's wrong leaving them away?

Enjoy Rocky!



R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

Just WOW! Tell us all about it. Where are you? What kind of tire? Brooklands windscreens? Where'd you get'em? Other features?


J K Chapin

You're right about the covers...I hate them...Problem is
that the lenses are plastic and not glass...It wouldn't take long to ruin the lenses....
I'm trying to get a friend to make me a set of soft covers to match the car, with MG on them.....
Meantime , I'm going to take some shots without the fuel
stick, and sans the covers.

You asked me that same question before....I'm not far from you...As I remember, you are in Western S.C.??
I am in Hiawassee, 25 miles West of Clayton , Ga.

More specifics:
The new Robbins top, tonneau, TT exhaust , Brooklands windshields, steering wheel, and fog lamps, came from Moss....
Most of the new wiring came from Moss, except for the dash wiring , which came from Abingdon Spares...
Luckily, the car came with a solid walnut dash (not veneer)...
The previous owner had redone the brakes, but I rebuilt the pedal box (yuk!).
New clutch, and new seals all around....Engine did not need rebuilding. Wood interior structure was sound, and did not need replacement.
New floor boards, and carpet, and carpet padding.
Interior is the one that came with the car...
I did all the paint and body work, myself, except for the soda blasting....
I ended up having to buy a replacement radiator shell,and grille, which was the single biggest expense...The shell is far from perfect, but much better than the one that came with the car...It had already been rechromed...A good thing too, as rechroming was really expensive.
Some parts were rechromed, but I replaced several chrome parts that was cheaper than rechroming them.
Below is a photo of the "driver", as I received it.
Picture is wife of PO, taken in Pennsylvania...
I had the car shipped sight unseen...The car was exactly as described.

E.B. Wesson

Here's a shot of the wiring harness that I replaced.
Look closely (sorry for the fuzzy photo), and you will see pieces of insulation , where it fell off the wires.
I did keep it for a check/reference for the new harness.

E.B. Wesson

I also "resurrected" the broken, and removed "Arnolt" heater, but had to make my own plumbing, and valves for it...This shot was taken before I did the frame-off and repaint...I had already cleaned up the engine compartment.

E.B. Wesson

Grat restoration job Ed.
But if you are going to have a road light, Ralph in Germany has a real ROAD LIGHT!!!!
Jim Merz

Congratulations, Edward! Rocky looks great! Good to see the hard work done and paying off.


Bobby Galvez


Do you have a shot of your car side on (as in the "before" photo...not necessarily with your wife in it)? I'd like to see the red/blue contrast a bit better.

Looks great, BTW.


Gene Gillam

Didn't SE MG have an event in Hiawassee a year or so ago? I went to it but ante-MG. I'm ging to join SE MG so If my memory is right I hope to see you and Rocky there. At least then there will be two TDs if not more.

J K Chapin

Looking great EB. I'm not crazy for two tone paint. But the black and red hit it off really well.
Bruce Cunha

Rocky looks great!
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Looks Great. I love the contrast of the silver wheels to the body colors. Cecil Kimber would be proud.
MJH Mike

Great job Ed. You must feel great after all the hard work.
Mort (50 TD "Mobius")

Great result indeed. Lucky you if you are able to put a decent coat of paint on a car - my spraying results always look awful.

Happy driving and enjoy the fresh air - you will get lots of it with the brooklands screens...

Mike Fritsch

GREAT JOB ED!!! I love the color combo! I'm going to do pretty much the same thing with the TF. My concourse days are over and I now want a car to drive and enjoy. Tired of putting them under glass. Good for you doing your own thing! It sure is a beauty! PJ
Paul sr

Thanks all for your good wishes....
As I said, wasn't a "show" car to start, and still isn't.
Paint is o.k., but I'm not a pro, and I don't want to park it in my living room, anyway...So a "fair" paint job is good enough , when driving it regularly.
Yes, the MG club has had several events here in Hiawassee, over the years, at the Ramada Inn...
Last year the event was in Dillard, Ga., about 40 miles from here. I'm not sure which clubs put on the shows, as there are two or three in the Southeast.
I will add a few shots today, when I get the car back out of the garage.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the American members of the forum.
E.B. Wesson

Excellent job Edward. You have much to be proud of and I know your feelings of pride and joy, which are well deserved.

John Brickell

Thanks John....
Here's a couple of new shots, without the fog-light covers.

E.B. Wesson

And one more side shot

E.B. Wesson

Beautiful job, Ed!

As far as foglight covers, you can take em or leave em,

Just wanted to add my congrats, Edward. Great colour combo & I like the replumbing job.

Peter Pope

and very good door fit !!
Mike Fritsch

As others have done, I made adustable door braces, then reset the fixed braces....It is amazing how little "tweeking" is needed to get the doors to fit.
This shot was taken before the fixed braces were added.

E.B. Wesson

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