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MG TD TF 1500 - rubber pad set rear springs-quantity needed?

I'm putting my rear springs back together and have a few questions (what else is new?). I have a new pad set from Moss (#281-478) which comes with 24 pads. 16 of them obviously go in the 16 holes provided in the leaves. Moss catalog shows 1 each going in the four [_] shaped devices on the 5th spring (not sure it's nomenclature, sorry). That's 20 accounted for of the 24.

1. There is no hole for the rubber pad to center in inside of the [_] device on the 5th spring! Does a pad really go in there or not?

2. Where do the other 4 pads go? Or does Moss give you extras in case you loose one?

3. Archives show grease or graphite sprays used between leaves. Necessary or not?

4. Dave B. used silicon grease on the pads themselves. Necessary Dave or not over the years?

All for now, thanks as usual!
efh Haskell

I just noticed the WSM says "absolutely no oil or grease of any kind is to be used between the leaves...". Humm????
efh Haskell


Silicon is safe for the modern rubbers used, petroleum products aren't. They sell silicon grease for brake cylinder rebuilding regardless of the brake fluid used. Back in the day, Grease and oil was petroleum and would eat the rubber.

Quantity? six go on a side, so that is 24 for two springs. And yes, four go under the clips you mention. The seventh picture under rear suspension shows this.

I did not spray graphite or silicon between the leaves. I used latex paint (satin) to paint the leaves so as not to harm the rubber. If a spring started squeeking, I would not hesitate to brush or spray some silicone in there.

Dave Braun

The brackets you refer to, I call the spring "clips" and they take a completely different rubber- sort of a "U" shape and thicker. Those clips keep the leaf pack in line. I would as Dave said, not hesitate to use a silicone spray or grease on the rubber- but have never used it on the springs I've rebuilt and never a problem.

Yeah, there are 24 pads. I had to grind off the little posts on the pads for the leaf spring that has the "U" bracket attached. The holes were not through the leaf, but there was enough of a depression that the pad could be held in place if the post was shortened. Those are the Moss part #281-478 - 24 of 'em. The "L" shaped rubber in the "U" brackets are #281-498 - 8 of them, and you'll need #281-488 which are the large rectanagular pads for the top and bottom - 4 of them.
Good luck with the project.
Safety? Fast?
Scott Ashworth - '54 TF
S. R. Ashworth

Okay, now I'm really getting confused. Part #281-498, ref #17 on the "TD-TF Chassis" page of a Moss catalog is indeed the pad set for the "spring clip" Brian refers to. I have those and that part I understand.

But also on the same page in the little circled blowup of the spring clip there is a picture of part #281-478, ref #18, a circular rubber pad with a knubby section in the center. And only one of those is shown per spring clip, or 4 in total. And the spring clip appears to have a hole in it for the pad. However, my spring clips are welded or rivited to the spring leave itself. There is no hole! Are my springs a variant of some sort or am I losing it?

So Dave, how do you get "six go on a side, so that is 24 for two springs"? I only have holes for 4 on a side, or 16 total! Even if I did have 4 more holes in the spring clips, which I do not, that still only adds to 20 total. Where did you put your 24 pads? I can't tell from your pictures.

In addition the bolt that goes thru the spacing tube in the picture is old and in bad shape. Oddly, Moss does not list this with a part number so I couldn't order any! It has a square section under it's head. Where do you get such an animal?

Finally, I just sprayed the springs with the same Rustoleam 7777 used on the chasis. Bare sandblasted 70 grit metal then 2 coats. No primer. Is 7777 latex (I threw awaw the can already)? Did I make a mistake? And can I use WD40 to spray the rubber parts before assembly? It's silicone, isn't it?

Sorry to be such a nag on this one but you guys said to keep asking!


efh Haskell

HOLD ON! I've been staring at this too long! I can't even count. I actually have 5 rubber pads per side of spring, not 4 as quoted above!! 5 x 4 = 20, right? So I have only 4 unaccounted for! So the question is still where do these extra 4 pads go? Sorry for the confusion! I'm gonna go get some fresh air - it's not snowing today!
efh Haskell

Thanks Scott, our posts must have crossed in the mail. That confirms what I need to do with the 4 extra pads! I've got all the other stuff.

I just picked up some carriage bolts at hdwe. store to go through the spacing tube in the spring clips. They are threaded all the way down the shaft. The originals on my car are not. Plus I have no way of determining their strength? Since Moss doesn't show this as a part to order, what have you guys used? Think I'm safe to use these or not?

Scott, may I ask what kind of paint you used to paint yours? And did you put any silicone product on the pads during install?

I'm gettin' closer...
efh Haskell

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