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MG TD TF 1500 - rubberized horsehair?

As several, if not many, of you know I have been in the process of restoring my '54 mgtf over the past 3 1/2 years. I am now getting ready to do the upholstery. I need to purchase the bottom and back cushions for the two TF seats.

In the MGT Moss catalog they show the bottom cushion, but not a back cushion. So, I called Moss and after a bit of a discussion, The rep searched and found that when Moss does a complete upholstery job of the seats they use the MGA backing part #640-460 which is a "rubberized horsehair".

For those of you who have done this, is that what you've used? Having looked at MGA seats, those seat backs don't appear to have the same shape as the TF's seat backs. But can they be used for this purpose anyway? Is there a foam rubber alternative like that for the seat bottoms?

It would be helpful to know what others have purchased/used for the seat back cushions for a TF. I do have and will use the Moss upholstery kit.

As always, your input is appreciated -- John
John Brickell

Here is a couple of links John.

LaVerne -- I should have known that you had already addressed this issue. Thanks for the reference to the two sites and especially how you dealt with the issue of not using the "rubberized horsehair" backing. Now I need to find an upholstery shop that can do what you had done.

Thanks and I owe you another OSH -- John
John Brickell

LaVerne, besides a great job overall, I very much like the cupholder and the ashtray - nice customizing !
Mike Fritsch

Thanks Mike but I never was really happy with it. Made two more out of solid black walnut. One for the TF and one for the TD. I like them a lot better.


Left the octagons off and found a shorter ash tray with a hinged lid. I did a lot of long distance driving last year and it was a must for me.


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