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MG TD TF 1500 - Sad MARK II

I'm so sorry about what somebody has done to this MGTD MARKII, but that's their perogative. However, my real question pertains to the angle of the windscreen. I know the pics are bad but it looks to be angled too far rearwards. It just doesn't look proper to me. What do you think Chaps?
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Looks ok when you check it out in the other frontal shot. Could just be the reflection. Looks clean when you get past the prune danish colour scheme. Oh well.

TD-MKII, +++

I agree with G.J.- It's because he didn't see those low branches!

'52 TD
HJ Oldham

The angle of the dangle equals the heat of the feet providing the mass of the windshield remains verticle.
Personally I think it is PLUM AWFUL.
Sandy said that
conrad sanders

Ask to see a photo of the "original side screens" in place. IF they fit.


PS. When I was about 10, I would have absolutely drooled over this colour!
Matthew Magilton

Overall it's not bad. The sheet metal doesn't appear altered at all and for the windscreen .... I think the brackets have been reversed so it can tilt back. This helps save fuel and look like it's going faster.

Ok, the paint has to go as well.
Ron Boisvert

I looked at the windshield on my car and the only way you could lay it back as in the first photo is to remove the wing bolts. My brackets have two adjustments, either all the way upright or folded flat against the bonnet. Of course he could have replaced the wood and re-drilled the windscreen bracket holes in the wrong position, but I don't think this is the case. I don't see the thumb screws in the first photo and I'm not computer literate enough to enlarge the photo. John
John Hambleton

I have both pics of W/S in 'my documents' (W/XP) and I can click to enlarge them quite a lot but they get fuzzy. The one on grass shows the left rear wheel to be fitted with either a mag wheel or a mag hubcap, whereas, the one on cement shows the right side to be prod TD painted funny.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

And what's with the weird 'racing stripe' on only one side. It may be a reflection, but the way it follows the curve of the fenders doesn't seem right for a reflection. Somebody will probably want this car, and it is a good candidate for restoration, but as it is now, I wouldn't want to be seen in it.
Mark B.

Did you see the guy's 50% feedback rating? Was this car done at the height of disco? Gotta be the most bizarre TD I have ever seen! Yikes!!! George
George Butz

It seems salvageable!!

The two pics of the total car haven't been made at the same time; not only the wheels differ; there is also just one mistlamp on one pic and 2 on the other.
(looks like one of the old "find the 10 differences" pics; who'll find the next??)
Erik vanHardeveld

The 50% feedback rating seems to be an error in eBay's rating mechanism. He has 0 feedback, out of 0 transactions. But 0/0 is not a number. If I were wriring an application that displayed the results of that ratio, I'd have to put something like 'No feedback available', but somehow they come up with 50%.

In any case, I'd be hesitant buying something from an eBay seller with 0 feedback. No verifiable history. The sellers with history are problematic enough.
Mark B.

Out of all the MG's I have followed over the last few years this has to be one of the funniest yet. Everything about it makes me chuckle and all you chaps comments make me chuckle likewise.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

I sent an email asking if the windshield was modified to fold back, and asked if the sidecurtains would fit the way it was....

His answer: "Yes, the windshield is folded down"

"Put down your mouse, close your browser and walk away"
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Upon further review ...

The 50% feedback score is a valid number, I looked at his feedback page and saw that there was 1 positive and one negative, making the cumulative score 1 - 1 = 0. I take back my complaints about eBay's faulty math. Apparently, the problem is all mine.

Even more reason not to buy from this seller. The feedback comments make is pretty clear that's a bad idea, even the positive one reads like a complaint.
Mark B.

Has anybody checked out the buying history of the latest high bidder on this car?? I got tired calculating up to $455,706.00 just since Aug 6th. He's buying Jag's, Volvo's, MG's, BIG boats, I mean the thing is loaded. Some of the things are class items, don't know what attraction this car has, other than curiosity!
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

They paid $82,000 for Wilt Chamberlain's Bently. Passing through the feedback I found "ONE" reference to the fact that this is an "INTERNATIONAL GROUP". Don't know where from because they are not selling anything.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

I think I looked at this guy/group's feedback and saw the numbers being spent, 1/4 Million for a boat, etc. There were a couple of negatives, with references to Mexican thievery, so ???? All laundries are not Chinese.

Paul & Maui

There is no accounting for the lack of common sense. The worst thing that I see here is that he removed the dual fuel pumps that came on the MKII. Other than a bad paint job poor carpet, seats, and just a lack of good judgement, this seems to be a salvageable car.
JP Jim

This one just came up:

The guy sure isn't verbose about it. I'd be trying a little harder to get a good price with a good description. Maybe nothing good to say, maybe just too sad to see it go.

I suppose you experts out there will say it's worth $8K if the wood's OK. I wish it were close by to see what it's really like. At least he didn't paint it purple!

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