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MG TD TF 1500 - Scruffy project cars anymore?


I am wondering if there are any project cars left out there, particularly those that would suit an MoT-able car that could be hillclimbed and sprinted, rather than for a full show condition vehicle? My guess is the parts and cars are too valuable now, but happy to be proved wrong! (Want a bitsa project)

Best wishes

PS please be nice - I am new to this forum, but not the MG midget BBS pages, and getting my MkII Austin Healey Sprite back on the road and for speed events (scruffy but solid car).
M Wood

There are plenty of cars (actually most) that fit your description for sale out there. But unfortunately most of the sellers think they are show worthy and price accordingly.

IMHO a lot of scrappy MGTD's should go for about $4-6k US and hopefully that would put them on your list but the sellers think they should get $12-18k for them.

I guess the best advice would be to identify some cars that look promising and keep at the seller nicely until they wear out and lower the price to a reasonable fee after failing to sell it.
Christopher Couper

The problem is that very few MG T's were sold in the UK that they are rare. The taxes here made them very expensive, the Government needed cash coming in and cars did it. The bulk of post war MG's went to the USA, Australia and NZ
The rarity has put up the prices, TF's go for £25000/£3500 and even higher.
The Octagon club has a dismantled TF advertised at £13500.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Thanks Christopher and Ray for the informative flies.

Sounds like I need to look for a TD basket case to build a racer from.

M Wood

I agree with Chris. Quite a few still out there. I found 3 last year, and all sold in the $3 -$4,000 range. Here's one I found within a ½-hour of my home in Rockburn. The guy bought it disassembled for $3,500. I know him well and he's done a lovely job, but I feel that $19,500 (Can) is a bit high. Also found another in Montreal that is now a 10-minute drive from me and I'm helping this guy.

But I won't match with somebody who'd not going to drive the car regularly.

There are others too. I know of at least four more, but in most cases, the owners are determined to restore them, despite being off the road for 25 years (or more).

For you chaps in the UK; importing these unrestored cars is not too expensive. The hooker comes in converting to RHD. I occasionally see a RHD steering rack for sale on MG Auction; then there's the matter of a pedal box for RHD. Don't know if they're still available. Peter Edney used to have some, but that was a while back ... wonder if an MGB rack could be adapted??

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

All the parts can be found. Yes on the steering rack.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Indeed I agree Gord. Had the first run out in my 1500TF I've converted from LHD to RHD over last winter and fitted with a 5 speed gearbox.It was a stalled restoration. It's red and reminds us of my 1500 TF I owned during my courting days 55 years ago. Next project a 1948TC not on the road since 1956 and which like I think 8 other cars, I've imported from the US and Canada over the last 17 years.
JK Mazgaj

I have a scruffy Mark II project with all the unique Mark II goodies - $5,500.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I also have a MK II rolling project car that is available. 2nd TD3 production car off the assembly line. Needs a full restoration but also has all of the appearance package pieces.partially disassembled but I can make mostly whole for shipment. Interior original items present as as patterns seat back and bases also present. Newer floors, I also have been accumulating new parts but don’t have an itemized accounting at this time. Originally this car was Autumn Red with red interior. MK II firewall intact but needs battery tray and tool box repairs It has been fully rebodied with solid and mostly undamaged sheetmetal and decent original timbers from chassis td-19408. Zero rust or frame rot. Non original engine but is a MK II TD 3 that was installed in its original chassis 20 days after this car was built. Less than 200 numbers difference from the XPAG TD2-TD3 engine production line. The original engine does exist but is in another std TD that I do not own. All andrex dampers are present. Most of the cars parts are present otherwise but it is a full on project. Price comparable to Tom’s offering. Located in California and available for viewing.

Inquiries to the link above

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

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